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Financial Market Illusions, Cover Ups & Spiritual Lessons

This 10 minute video gives a good summary of the current bleak state of the financial markets and economy, but before you watch it, know this: I’m sharing this video (and similar posts) NOT to fill you with fear or any emotion that deplete your energy but to awaken your inner warrior that is always there to guide you in infinite ways.

We must not get sucked into all the drama out there, yet we must expand our awareness of how darkness tries to control humanity. Awareness and the ability to see the bigger picture, which includes both light and darkness, empowers us spiritually.


Waking up and perceiving deception expands awareness and that empowers us. Deception and half-truths keep us in the dark. If we ignore that darkness exist, we become prey. Ignorance weakens us and endangers us.

When we expand our awareness, we can make wiser decisions because we’re better informed–we can see the bigger picture. How can we make the best decisions if we’re in the dark and can not see?

Awareness dissipates darkness. When you shed light on darkness, it loses its power.

Ancient spiritual wisdom teaches that everything is interconnected in a web of energy. If we allow ourselves to be enslaved by forces that aim to control our health or control us financially, our spiritual evolution will also be controlled…

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U.S. Healthcare System Collapsing Into Massive FRAUD Network

U.S. Healthcare System Collapsing Into Massive FRAUD Network

Make no mistake, the cancer industry’s entire profit model is based on keeping people ignorant about cancer causes while keeping them dependent on cancer treatments that don’t work. That combination is the ultimate profit generation scheme for the cancer industry, despite all the suffering, pain and death it causes to human beings who are all victims of the industry.

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“Panama Papers” Financial Bombshell– Beware of Half-Truths That Disempower Us!

This bombshell story is referred to as the “Panama Papers” – millions of leaked internal documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, revealed how hundreds of thousands of people with money to hide used anonymous shell corporations for this purpose.

But before we jump to conclusions, remember that we can’t just be sheep and follow the herd mentality of accepting whatever ideas the mass media feeds us.

The mass media wants people to be programmed with the idea that people who use “tax havens,” such as foreign companies or offshore accounts, are evil. But it’s not that tax havens per se are evil, it is the people who gained their wealth thru illegal and immoral ways that is the issue.

So the truth is that tax havens can be evil IF the money being sheltered was acquired thru illegal or immoral ways. But honest-earned money deserves to be sheltered, and legal tax havens help citizens not only keep more of their hard earned money but also help make the world a better place.

Honest citizens deserve to reduce the amount of tax they owe. We need to have the freedom to choose how we manage our money. We, in fact, would ALL do the world much good to take legal steps to reduce taxes we owe. Tax havens, like money, can be used for good or for evil. Let’s not be disempowered to create money or to keep as much as our money as possible thru legal means.

In that way, we would not be supporting governments immoral use of our hard-earned money to fund wars or to bail out banks and destroy the economy.

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April–A Time of Transition and Unsettled Energy

The month of April is marked by “unsettled” events… Think of a puzzle. There are pieces coming together, some that are still missing, and the final picture has not yet emerged. This month requires a great deal of trust and flexibility. Anything can happen. To be proactive with the month you will need to be very clear in your intentions and have good solid practices to keep you grounded. You will also need to be comfortable with, and accepting of sudden changes that come as a result of these unsettled times.

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July 2014–Wisdom Tips To Empower the Month

Empowering wisdom tips to help you strengthen your personal relationships, business goals and overall health!

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I’ve never met an ugly witch.

We are facing a most serious threat in the world. The threat is the systematic control of an individual’s energy. There are many strategies being used to weaken us, to eliminate our will and vision. A key strategy is to instill fear in society in order to get people to give up their freedom. Another…

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Wisdom & Empowering Tips for August 2012

Are you ready to embrace wisdom and enhance your life? There are many ways to work with the theme of power in this month of August 2012. It is more about looking at where you give your power away and then changing that behavior or pattern. It is also about learning to empower your desires from within rather than always looking to a greater power outside yourself to make things happen.

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Start Your Day By Choosing

Whenever we have a thought, our energy moves in the direction of that thought.
When you start your day holding a negative thought, it attracts more negative thoughts and the ball of energy grows in that path. The reverse is true. When you start your day focusing on a happy thought, that thought will take wings and attract like thoughts. You’ll find that your day will reflect what’s going on inside of you. Here’s what you can do to stop negative thoughts:

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Are you holding yourself back?

To the extent that limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and old wounds weigh you down, you’re not free to move to the next level. Heavy emotions, such as worry, jealously and feeling offended, drain your energy. And you absolutely need plenty of energy to successfully create what you long for. That’s why you must free yourself from inner demons.

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Awareness Is Your Greatest Weapon During These Times

This post will probably not be popular, but it is my most important post to date.  I am not going to write about the magic of life or about love but about the dark side.   I have to share with you what my inner vision has guided me to do. Over the last few weeks,…

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