“Panama Papers” Financial Bombshell– Beware of Half-Truths That Disempower Us!

money and liberty450 300On Monday, a bombshell story came out that’s being called the biggest financial leak in history.  It was revealed that heads of state worldwide, politicians, arms traders, human traffickers, drug dealers and the mega-rich are using tax havens around the world to hide wealth and conduct illegal monetary transactions.

This bombshell story is referred to as the “Panama Papers” – millions of leaked internal documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, revealed how hundreds of thousands of people with money to hide used anonymous shell corporations for this purpose.

But before we jump to conclusions, remember that we can’t just be sheep and follow the herd mentality of accepting whatever ideas the mass media feeds us.

The establishment is controlled by main stream media.  Beware that main stream media keeps us in the dark by telling us half-truths–and that disempowers people.

Lies are often interwoven in truth, and half-truths keep us asleep–in the dark.  Misinformation is easy to see through because it is all lies. But half-truths are more dangerous because the lies are woven in between truth and harder to perceive!

The mass media wants people to be programmed with the idea that people who use “tax havens,” such as foreign companies or offshore accounts, are evil.  But it’s not that tax havens per se are evil, it is the people who gained their wealth thru illegal and immoral ways that is the issue.

So the truth is that tax havens can be evil IF the money being sheltered was acquired thru illegal or immoral ways.  But honest-earned money deserves to be sheltered, and legal tax havens help citizens not only keep more of their hard earned money but also help make the world a better place.

Governments have a track record of confiscating citizens’ hard-earned income through taxation, and squandering our hard earned money on war, debt, illegal domestic spying programs…

We must always question what we hear, because unless we question and analyze the news we become disempowered thru half-truths and fake news.

Ultimately, we need to ask questions to really understand the big picture…

Who benefits from these bombshell revelations?

What is their real objective of this news?

There are many unanswered questions, but clearly the objective of this news is NOT to help empower hard-working, honest citizens become financially free.   

It’s the opposite.  Dark forces aim to disempower us and control us using finances as one key strategy.

Honest citizens deserve to reduce the amount of tax they owe.  We need to have the freedom to choose how we manage our money.  We, in fact, would ALL do the world much good to take legal steps to reduce taxes we owe.  Tax havens, like money, can be used for good or for evil.  Let’s not be disempowered to create money or to keep as much as our money as possible thru legal means.

In that way, we would not be supporting governments immoral use of our hard-earned money to fund wars or to bail out banks and destroy the economy.

Here’s a great podcast by Simon Black, founder of Sovereign Man, that will shed more light on why we need to defend our financial freedom! Scroll down to see Podcast Episode #64Don’t let the title turn you off!  I agree with Simon that like-minded people need to band together, now more than ever, and become more empowered.  Enjoy the podcast.