U.S. Healthcare System Collapsing Into Massive FRAUD Network

Is there any doubt that we need to empower ourselves and take charge of our health?  This news report is absolutely worth sharing.  We can not be awake enough!

image Fraud-Handcuffs-Crime-Arrest To Post(NaturalNews) Whether it is due to dramatic government overreach via massive laws like Obamacare, with its incentive-killing regulations, or there simply being too much greed in the world, the U.S. healthcare system is dying. And while that may be a good thing for some people, the dying process is costing us billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

“Make no mistake, the cancer industry’s entire profit model is based on keeping people ignorant about cancer causes while keeping them dependent on cancer treatments that don’t work. That combination is the ultimate profit generation scheme for the cancer industry, despite all the suffering, pain and death it causes to human beings who are all victims of the industry.

The cancer industry so steeped in criminality that its own doctors and oncologists routinely rely on false positive diagnoses to earn huge profits by falsely telling people they have cancer, then “treating” them with chemotherapy.”
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