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    We've been kept in the dark. We haven't yet discovered how truly powerful we are. It's not our fault.  Society does not teach us how we can become the powerful beings we are meant to be. We are programmed to think we are powerless and to be passive. AND, society, thru mass media, also keeps us in the dark about critical facts we should be aware of to prepare for the future.

    While there is loads of negative news, we must focus on the huge OPPORTUNITIES  that exist--focus on the solutions.

    That's why inner power is key. You may not realize it, but there's a whole lot you can do to take charge of your finances, health and overall well being. 

    Unlimited Inner Power is here to help you to image -escape-opportunity-xsCropped 2become aware of solutions that can help you.

     Mind & Spirit

    The most important step you can take to grow your inner power is to improve your mood by quieting your mind--quieting thoughts that trigger anxiety, fear, doubt, regret... Brain studies show that when we deeply relax, our brain waves change and our mood improves.  While results can vary, some of the common benefits of quieting the mind include ...

    ... increased creativity and intuitive abilities

    ... better decision making

    ... release of toxic emotions such as worry, fear and regret

    ... increased states of inner calm and optimism

    Do you think you could make smarter financial decisions if you felt more centered, calm and confident?

    Do you think your health would improve if you felt happier and calmer?

    Visit to find out how you can improve your mood and feel better.  Nothing is more important than to fix the spirit!

     Alternative Health Solutions

    Our mainstream medical system is built upon the belief that you need to rely on the "experts"  in the medical establishment for healing to occur because you are powerless to heal yourself.  We have been taught that only patented products and procedures that can be billed to insurance companies can heal.  Healing modalities outside of the system are considered invalid, unscientific or nonsense. Yet, beyond that matrix of beliefs, there exist amazing opportunities for you to take charge of your health.

    Now more than ever, it's important to strengthen ourselves in all ways--emotionally, mentally and physically.  A strong and healthy body will help you withstand the growing environmental stresses, such as toxic chemicals in our food, air and water. image_da_vinci_man Unfortunately, the healthcare system is controlled by corporate interests that don't have our well being in mind.

    So we can not rely on the establishment to truly empower us. It's a system based on greed that feeds us half-truths that keep us in the dark about our power to heal.

    Did you know that hospital errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in U.S.? And prescribed prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death?

    So if you want to truly empower your physical health, you're going to need to get information OUTSIDE of mass media channels.

    Alternative Finance

    image_crdit_and_gdp_growthThe financial establishment, like the medical system, also keeps us in the dark by telling us half-truths. Main stream media is controlled by corporate interest and that means we largely get fake news.

    The banking system is a perfect example of how mass media aims to misled and control humanity. The financial market meltdown of 2008 was triggered by fraudulent practices in the banking and mortgage sector. Toxic mortgage financial instruments (derivatives) grew out of control and almost triggered a complete global economic meltdown in 2008.

    Since then, the country's debt bubble has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.

    But there are opportunities and solutions for those who aren't blindsided with mass media propaganda.

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as new financial apps on the blockchain now offer us opportunities for financial freedom that we never had before!

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