Start Your Day By Choosing

happy thoughts

Did you know that whenever you have a thought, your energy moves in the direction of that thought?

If you start your day holding a negative thought, it will attract more negative thoughts as you go about your day.  The reverse is true.  When you start your day focusing on a happy thought, that thought will attract more like thoughts that make you feel good.  Thoughts have wings and travel  in the path that you choose.

Have you noticed that when you start your day feeling low that the rest of your day ends up not very good?

If you want to have a great day, make that decision first thing in the morning by focusing on a thought that makes you feel good. What you experience in your day is a reflection of your inner world.

The moment you feel you’re getting into a bad mood, stop what you are doing.  Do something different to break the mood and lift your spirit.  Get up and dance, go for a walk or listen to uplifting music.

Here’s one technique (one of my favorites) you can do to quickly change a negative thought into a happy thought.  Simply close your eyes and recollect a time when you felt deeply happy, and relive that joyful moment.  To relive a memory is to feel as if it were happening now and to experience it with all of your senses.  Though the event happened in the past, you are in both places at once. You are here remembering and there, at the same time.  You will feel great as you relive the happy memory.

Start your day focusing on thoughts that lift your spirit. Happy thoughts lead to optimistic feelings. Optimism opens the doors of opportunities. When you feel light as a feather, you attract inspired ideas and creative solutions.  You can do it!  You have the power to choose what type of day you will have.


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