Financial Market Illusions, Cover Ups & Spiritual Lessons

image_max_recommended_videoThis 10 minute video gives a good summary of the current bleak state of the financial markets and global economy, but before you watch it, know this:  I’m sharing this video (and similar posts) NOT to fill you with fear or any emotion that deplete your energy but to awaken your inner warrior that is always there to guide you in infinite ways.

We must not get sucked into all the drama out there, yet we must expand our awareness of how darkness tries to control humanity. Awareness and the ability to see the bigger picture, which includes both light and darkness, empowers us spiritually.


Waking up and perceiving deception expands awareness and that empowers us.  Deception and half-truths keep us in the dark.  If we ignore that darkness exist, we become prey.  Ignorance weakens us and endangers us.

When we expand our awareness, we can make wiser decisions because we’re better informed–we can see the bigger picture.  How can we make the best decisions if we’re in the dark and can not see?

Awareness dissipates darkness.  Awareness helps us to graduate and live outside the matrix.

When you shed light on darkness, it loses its power.

Ancient spiritual wisdom teaches that everything is interconnected in a web of energy.  If we allow ourselves to be enslaved by forces that aim to control our health or control us financially, our spiritual evolution will also be controlled.

A sage once said, “Know thy enemy.”  It’s more important than ever to understand ancient wisdom.  You must know your enemy–both outer and inner– to defeat it.  At a deeper level, darkness can be an ally.  It can help us learn the  spiritual lessons we need to learn.  We can become alchemists and turn lead into gold –transform darkness into light.

Ultimately, the game of life is a battle between personal freedom versus enslavement at the spiritual level.

Now more than ever, we must choose personal freedom and empower ourselves emotionally, intellectually, physically and above all spiritually.  It’s time to awaken to our inner power–to tap that higher force within us that guides us in infinite ways.  We can change the probable future as we live with greater inner strength and expanded consciousness.