I’ve never met an ugly witch.

We are facing a most serious threat in the world.

The threat is the systematic control of an individual’s energy. There are many strategies being used to weaken us, to eliminate our will and vision. A key strategy is to instill fear in society in order to get people to give up their freedom. Another strategy is to taint our food and water and air with poisons. There is also the threat of legal drugs.

Life-depleting strategies against us often are not obvious unless we are on constant alert and open our minds. A shaman by the name of Stalking Wolf once said “I have never seen an ugly witch.”  What do you think this means?  There is profound wisdom in this saying.  It teaches that darkness tends to disguise itself as attractive.

Do you remember in Star Wars how Senator Palpatine in the beginning appeared to be well meaning and noble then later revealed his secret identity of a dark lord?  Evil disguises itself in many ways.  More recently darkness is disguising itself less and less.  It is up to us to open our minds to see.

Today, there are many leaders and organizations which feign to want to protect us.  Be aware that darkness uses deception as one of its main weapons.  We are being attacked on many different levels.  Yet, warriors of the light can choose to be awake.  Awareness is our ticket to freedom.  Do not fear challenges as they can help you sharpen your will and increase your life force.  Darkness can teach us to transcend our weaknesses and to become the powerful beings we are meant to be.

There is nothing more important than connecting with our inner power.  We are guided by a higher force that is always there for us.  This force is within us, not out there.  It protects us and guides us in infinite ways—from the most practical to the most abstract matters—when we open our hearts and minds to it.

Knowledge protects you.  Ignorance endangers.  Keep learning.