February Trends & Influences

So take heart everyone. This is where we are right now. Kicking and screaming and resisting the agent of change that is showing up. Did we think it could be any different? We have arrived at the place where the ruthless taskmaster of change does not really care about our personal comfort. Change is happening whether you like it or not. So the challenge and the lesson is how you will get with the program and embrace it instead of resisting it. In whatever way it shows up, there is always a way to be proactive with change, to embrace and support and move it along. That is what taking responsibility for your own leadership is all about…

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Small Business Owners More Optimistic & Expanding

U.S. small business optimism index surges by most since 1980. If you’re an owner of a small business or considering start a business, this could the best environment we’ve had for small business in a long time. More companies are planning on expanding and increasing investment due to upcoming changes…

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January 2017 Trends & Influences

January is always a month where we set our new resolutions, create new intentions and goals, and get inspired by what we can do differently. Change is welcome and there is a sense of another chance to reset our lives and manifest what we want. Even though we may be entering this new year from a place of resistance and disappointment, it is important to see the opportunity we have to reset our personal lives despite what is happening “out there”.

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Happy New Year & Enjoy More Abundance!

Enjoy this video and increase your vibration to manifest more abundance with happiness, peace of mind and speed! Start the new year feeling really good & attracting that which matches your energetic state!

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Monthly Forecast for December–Higher Vibrations for Empowerment

This month is all about helping yourself first. If you don’t have compassion and kindness for yourself, you cannot possibly practice it for others. So start with yourself this month. Review all the ways you have judged yourself for not being good enough, smart enough, known better, ineffective, not successful enough, not strong enough, not brave enough, not powerful enough, not perfect enough, not useful enough, the list goes on and on.

How have you judged yourself for not showing up, for feeing fearful, for missing opportunities, for not getting your life together, for staying in bad situations for too long, for being weak, for being indecisive, for not setting good boundaries, for not protecting yourself or putting yourself first?

This lack of compassion and kindness for yourself will keep you mired in this lower vibration especially if it includes blame, anger and resentment. This is the month to turn all of this around. There is much work to do on the self. It is easy to be distracted with “what is going on out there” in terms of injustice, negative behaviors and bad choices. You cannot do anything about that. You cannot change what is “going on out there” but you can change what is going on in your own home and your own life.

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Looking For A Natural & Fast Colon Cleanse?

With additives in our food, pesticides on our crops, and pollution all around us, many might say we live in a toxic age. That toxic buildup can take its toll on the colon, which encumbers digestion and overall health. When your colon is backed up with toxic material, your entire body becomes sluggish and unable to perform its day-to-day tasks.

Your body does a pretty good job detoxifying itself on a regular basis; however, some toxins remain in the body and require some help to facilitate removal. Helping your body detoxify isn’t too difficult. Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise are two powerful components. But sometimes we need a bit more when it comes to clearing toxins, many of which can easily store themselves in the colon.

So, if your gut feeling is that you can benefit from cleaning your colon, here is some information you’ll want to know!

Four Benefits of Colon Cleansing…

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November–Forgiveness & Experiencing Freedom

This is the month for forgiveness–big letting go, the final completion, the cutting it loose!

Forgiveness is a big piece we are working with in November 2016 and in the months to come. The actual definition of forgiveness is to give way so something can be free to move forward.

Without forgiveness there is no moving forward. To the extent that you are not able to forgive yourself or others for what “they have done to you”, “you have done to yourself, or, ”you have done to others”, you are holding yourself and others hostage and no one is free to move forward. We are in a time of tremendous potential for movement forward and the raising of consciousness but if we cannot forgive, we go nowhere.

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How To Create A Lot More Money (It’s NOT what you’re thinking!)

Money is a good case in point. The economy and your bank account can show you the “reality” in the physical plane, yet there is another reality outside of the matrix that you can tap into! We often think we need to work harder and longer and DO more in order to create prosperity. That’s limited thinking. A more expanded understanding is to change your mindset and vibration in order to create the prosperity you want to enjoy.

Watch this video to find out how to more easily create a lot of money. It’s not about “earning” but about “receiving.” It’s not about “effort” but about “vibration.” It’s not about “doing” but about thinking & being aware of how you feel when you think about money.

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Natural Diabetes Treatment–It’s Time Has Come

Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to shut doctors down for revealing natural cures about life-threatening illnesses. Diabetes is a big one.

Scientific studies have proven that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally – but this information has been hidden and suppressed for decades.

Diabetics CAN normalize blood sugar, and be taken off all medication and insulin injections completely naturally.

The doctors at the International Council for Truth in Medicine have perfected techniques that have helped tens of thousands of their patients end the need for medication and insulin injections 100% naturally! Watch the video in this post on

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October–A Time for Balancing

We have been through several months of ups and downs, emotional extremes, fits and starts, breakthroughs and changes, despairs and elations, successes and failures. We are a little road weary and slightly hyper vigilant about “keeping it all together”. So the main theme for October 2016 is balance because that is what we all desperately need at this time and the influences of the times support it.

It is a time to carve out space for assimilation and integration of what we have gone through in the past months of both conscious and subconscious changes and much personal growth.

There is an edge to this month and personal boundaries will be tested as we strive for more balance in our lives. It will be important not to over react but rather to see balance in terms of boundaries more as a dance than a hard edge. It is a great month to observe and tackle any addictive behaviors, black and white belief systems, extreme mood swings, irrational fears and attachments to anything in the past.

We have an opportunity to start a new chapter this month launched by a beautiful new moon on September 30. This new chapter needs to have us looking forward not back. RELATIONSHIP is another theme for this month and works with BALANCE by inviting us to bring everything that is out of balance into right relationship.

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