Silver –Creating Wealth, Health &  Psychic Abilities

When most people think of silver, they think of the precious metal as an investment. But it’s much more than that. In this post, you’ll find out why silver, at this time, can be a great investment opportunity & how silver can also help protect your health. If you want to go deeper into the rabbits hole, watch the investment video below for a deep woo woo conversation about silver.

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How Smart People Are Growing Their Savings In New System

It’s no longer just the big guys who have access to investment opportunities. In the old days, investors needed tens of thousands of dollars to invest in IPOs and private equity. Today, anyone can invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with just a little money.

Famous wealth managers, such as Paul Tudor Jones, and companies, such as MicroStrategy and PayPal, have invested hundreds of millions in Bitcoin –and they did so in 2020. So if you’re wondering if it too late to invest, remember what Paul Tudor Jones said in October of 2020 — Bitcoin’s rally is just in the “first inning” and the cryptocurrency is the best inflation hedge we have.

It’s easier than ever for anyone to buy cryptocurrency and participate in the new services being offered such as interest on crypto & loans using crypto as collateral. Financial applications built on decentralized blockchains are now leveling the playing field for us all. In this post, you’ll find out how to start earning interest on cryptocurrency and much more.

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borrow cash against crypto

Crypto Bonus + USD and Stablecoin Loans Starting at $500

You might already know that Bitcoin is a store of value (aka “digital gold”) that people are accumulating for the long-term. But did you know that you can get a loan using your Bitcoin as collateral? That’s right, you can use your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and others) as collateral to borrow the funds you need and keep your crypto too. AND, you can also earn interest on your cryptocurrency and stablecoins.

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imf bretton woods

Urgent! New Bretton Woods Plans -Digital Currencies & Debt Explosion

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) into top gear as the pandemic has triggered a sharp global economic decline. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday announced plans to have a Bretton Woods monetary renegotiation.  In this post and video, you’ll find out what the real implications are of the IMF’s…

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Creating a "New Normal"

Act On Opportunities — But Do You Know What You Want?

We’re living in intense times when huge, unprecedented events are unfolding before our eyes. Our financial system, healthcare system and educational system—just to name a few—are in the midst of being dismantled. It can all feel surreal. From a certain vantage point, it’s like watching a movie. Depending on which channel you tune into, you can feel dejected or uplifted.

We have many opportunities in front of us. While the old systems, like the financial system, are in the process of being dismantled, it gives us an opportunity to create new systems that are more in line with what is better for us. We all can participate in shaping the new world that is emerging.

This is a critical time to make decisions on what we want to create in the new world. Find out what you can do!

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dollar inflation bitcoin

Good bye banks. Hello new financial system!

Banks are dinosaurs, soon to be extinct. Good bye banks. Hello new financial systems.

People are waking up to discover that alternatives are available to them. In this post, find out about how you can not only buy cryptocurrencies, but also earn high interest rates on your crypto & get cash loans on your crypto collateral. The rates will surprise you and brighten your day.

The alternatives are based on new technology–blockchains and smart contracts. Don’t’ worry. You don’t need to understand the technology in order to benefit from the new financial services that are revolutionizing finance. We don’t know all the details of how phone systems work, yet we use phones every day.

Just know that you have choices that can help you achieve financial freedom faster than using the old systems.

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Banks collapsing Ivans

Banks Collapsing & Alternative Financial Systems

More bad news about banks. Now there’s more massive news about a leak on the $2 trillion dollar scandal in the banking sector. Basically global banks have been money laundering for criminals. Watch the video to find out more.

While the bad news about banks is going to increase, the good news about bank alternatives is going to increase as well.

The bad news about banks is helping people to wake up to alternatives such as Bitcoin and new ways to earn interest from blockchain financial systems.

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The 2020 Reset: How To See Opportunities & Increase Optimism

Yes, we’ve been witnessing unprecedented events. They can be a threat or a benefit to us. Remember, you have the power to choose. Expand your awareness of the possibilities that exist for you on all levels.

Everyday, we have more solutions that are being presented to us: New financial platforms that help humanity achieve financial freedom. Alternative methods of healing. Knowledge, that was once secret, is now being revealed to help humanity evolve spiritually. This is the time to expand your awareness and lift your spirit. An easy step you can take today to increase your power is to stop watching TV.

The 2020 reset can be a threat to humanity or it can be a benefit to us. We have the power to choose. Time will tell what choices we made collectively.

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An Easy Bitcoin Buying Strategy Anyone Can Do

Since there are so many new people interested in cryptocurrency, it’s good to share this simple strategy. It’s based off of the traditional stock buying strategy called “dollar-cost averaging.” In this video, you will learn about an easy to apply investment strategy.

And read about $1 Million Bitcoin Price Predictions

Wences Casares, Xapo CEO and PayPal Board of Director, is one of many cyrptocurrency luminaries that has predicted a bitcoin $1 million valuation. His timeframe seems reasonable. While Wences acknowledges that Bitcoin is still an experiment, he believes that if it succeeds, Bitcoin can skyrocket. He believes “One bitcoin may be worth more than $1 million in seven-to-10 years.”

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Bitcoin Outperformed Traditional Asset Classes In 2019

The latest report compiled by Binance Research gave more evidence to support this fact,Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed traditional asset classes in 2019.

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