Coming Turbulence – Catalysts for Great Personal Change

We have started the new year 2021 with shocking events.  So far, they have been most obvious in the areas of politics and the financial markets.  We need to prepare as more turbulent events will soon surface that will affect every area of our lives. The key message is this:  The coming shocking events can serve as catalysts to help us with our own personal change.  These catalysts can help us discover the power of our consciousness.

Are we going to collapse after failed effort to expand our consciousness OR…

Are we going to expand our consciousness and collapse the old system?

In the video link below, I share an amazing interview that Jean Claude did with Penny Kelly about the current state of the world.  I highly recommend you watch it as soon as possible because you soon may not be able to.

If  you resonate with the message, please share it.  I believe this video will help soothe many people; it can help people shift from a state of fear and worry to a sense of empowerment and trust.

In the interview, they discuss topics such as:

  • what to expect about the coming changes in our communications systems (big media, Internet)
  • why today you want to have at least 3 weeks of food, water and other essentials
  • why the battle is not about left vs right or dems vs republicans, but about darkness versus light.
  • what to expect in the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets
  • what you can do to help others during these times AND MUCH more!