Act On Opportunities — But Do You Know What You Want?

We’re living in intense times when huge, unprecedented events are unfolding before our eyes. Our financial system, healthcare system and educational system—just to name a few—are in the midst of being dismantled and transformed. From a certain vantage point, it’s like watching a movie. What you experience will depend on which channel you tune into.

That’s key. You can choose to see the opportunities and feel uplifted or you can see the problems and feel dejected.  If you don’t like how you’re feeling, change the channel–change your focus.

You get to define what you are observing. And, your perception will influence the outcome that you experience.

We have many opportunities in front of us. While the old systems, like the financial system, are in the process of being dismantled, it gives us an opportunity to create new systems that are more in line with what are better for us. We all can participate in shaping the new world that is emerging.

This is a critical time to make decisions on what we want to create in the new world –the “new normal.” 

There’s no going back to how it used to be.  Many people deep down inside are glad about not going back to the “old normal.”

Now is the time to focus on creating a new world that will uplift us.

It’s up to us individually to create a world that we want. But we need to know what we want.

Do you know what you want?

To get more clarity about what you want in the new world that is being created, write down all the ideas that come to you when you focus on what you want in the following areas:

  • your personal life (e.g., finances, health, work, emotions),
  • your family,
  • society, the country and the world
  • And… the universe. Yes, even the universe! Why not? Why limit your creativity to what you want to create on this planet?

To help you brainstorm and think bigger than you ever have before, watch the below video. It will expand your thinking. Some of the ideas that are presented sound wild, I know. Keep an open mind and expand your thinking. We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Once you get some clarity on what you want, take inspired action towards that.

How to start taking inspired action?

Here are two guidelines:

1. Choose to take action about something that excites you or about something that you find interesting. Anything that makes you feel even a little better will help you move in the right direction. For example, let’s say you’re interested in doing different type of work, you can start by watching YouTube videos to learn about that subject matter, and then sign up for an online class or join a Patreon community where you can interact with like-minded people.

2. Whatever you choose must not harm others. Choose what empowers you and empowers others. We are here to help one another experience more freedom and joy.

By focusing on things that excite you or at least interest you, you’ll feel better. When you feel better, you’ll have more energy to take inspired action and move closer to achieving your goals. 

Nothing is more important than to lift your spirit.

When you feel more optimistic, inspired and overall good, you not only will be more empowered, you’ll help empower others.

One more thing. Avoid people who focus on the problems. Seek out people who focus on creative solutions.

And, stop watching TV.

Television programming will program you and trigger emotions that disempower you. Emotions, such as worry, confusion and anxiety, deplete your energy and hence your personal power. Now more than ever, we need more personal power to wake us up to what is possible. We are powerful creators when we choose to be!

Always remember— what you focus on expands!