Silver Price Pump –What Main Stream Is Not Telling You

Why is silver (not gold) a scarce commodity that is expected to explode in price this year?

Why & how are the bullion banks suppressing the price of silver?

Is the U.S. moving to a silver standard as we transition to a new financial system?

And…what to buy and how to buy physical silver if you’re new to investing in silver?

If you want to discover what’s really going on in the silver market & how to take advantage of the current opportunity, check out the Silver Crisis Updates, hosted by Jean Claude on YouTube. He interviews the brightest minds in the precious metals industry who you won’t hear about in the main stream news.

Below is one of the videos from his Silver series that answers the questions above. And the video also covers very interesting news about 3 cryptocurrencies: Theta, Litecoin and XRP. I don’t agree with his guest about XRP, but we each need to make our own investment decisions.

Jean Claude is a high energy interviewer and is fun to listen to (you’ll see what I mean about his sense of humor). You won’t find another interviewer that gives you such out-of-the-ordinary perspectives on silver, crypto and the financial markets.

This is an exciting time for us all. People are waking up and discovering what’s behind the financial curtains. Together, we can build communities during these times of big transformations in the world. We can help each other out, and do well as we do good!


Here’s the video:

Note: 1) The interview starts at the 8:10 minute mark. 2) Jean Claude’s YouTube channel was shut down before so I am not certain how long these videos will be around.

I also recommend Mike Maloney’s GoldSilver YouTube channel.  Mike is a more traditional financial markets speaker who has vast experience in the markets. (Image on post is from Maloney’s channel).


If you’re inspired to buy physical silver, you can call Miles Franklin or email them and they’ll call you back. Miles Franklin is both a full service company & a low overhead discount broker. Details are on my website: Miles Franklin takes orders over the phone so you don’t need to create an online account.