Gamestop – Reddit, the Robinhood Saga & Financial Revolution

Reddit investors shook up Wall Street mid week when they triggered the GameStop stock frenz.   An army of traders in a Reddit group bought the stock to hurt short sellers —the hedge funds that bet against GameStop.  The type of short-selling that the hedge funds engaged in was naked short selling, which is illegal because they were shorting more than the actual shares that existed.

It’s possible that initially, the motive of Reddit investors was to make profits when they stock price rose.  But then it turned into a financial revolution when the mainstream media began blaming Reddit traders and then Robinhood halted trading.  Robinhood shocked investors when they abruptly stopped allowing investors to purchase GameStop and a few other stocks.

So basically the media and the tech company went after the kids who caught the adults who were breaking the law rather than going after the adults who were breaking the law.

Reddit traders beat the hedge fund traders at their own game, using their own greed against them.  We can thank them for helping to expose the illegal practices of hedge funds. Naked short sellers put companies out of business and profit when the companies collapse and people lose their jobs.

We all must choose between freedom and control.  We must choose between free markets and corruption.

The good news about this fiasco is that it’s helping people to wake up and to ask questions!

We all need to become more aware of corruption and ask lots of questions.

Why are hedge funds allowed to invest the way they want, but retail investors, like you and I, are banned from buying companies?

What other ways are they (the powers that be) trying to control our lives?  Think rabbit hole.

More importantly, we must choose what kind of society we want to create for our future. We have the power with our consciousness to create a better world with our focus and intent of what we want.  I choose freedom.

To learn more about the Reddit-financial revolution, here are two great videos!


GAMESTOP; DAVID AND GOLIATH?  This video integrates financial news with empowerment. (Blog post image is from this video)