Crypto Crash, Taking Profits & Opportunities

I sent an email to my subscribers about the looming crypto crash, and I decided to make a post about it because this information is important and should reach more people. Below are excerpts from my email:

So I am hearing that April could be the month where cryptos crash. I’ve heard  early to mid April could be the time period. While no one can predict the timing 100%, there is consensus that we are due for a big correction soon.

In any case, it’s important to take profits.
It’s expected that crypto will rise greatly after the crypto crash. But no one can be certain how long it will take for crypto to move back up again.  But if cryptos crash the way many believe, that will present a huge opportunity to scoop up Bitcoin and other coins at super LOW prices. This could be one of the biggest opportunities for the average person to create wealth.

If you don’t have any crypto today, you can  prepare by opening up a crypto account and funding it with cash so you’re ready to buy when the market significantly corrects or crashes.  I recommend Coinbase for newbies.  When you use my link, that helps this website to continue:

Personally, I have cash on the side to buy crypto at firesale prices. I have taken profits from my alt coins such as Trustswap and Lend.  When I take profits, I buy stablecoins to have cash equivalents on hand so I can buy cryptos when they go down in price.  Also, I am not selling my Bitcoin.  I am a hodlr when it comes to BTC.

This is not investment or financial advise. I just wanted to share with you what I am sharing with my family.

We all need to prepare in every way we can–financially, spiritually and physically–for the coming big changes in our world. I think it’s key to strengthen our spiritual connection and tap into our inner guidance now more than ever.

I follow both conventional crypto/financial resources & non-traditional “woo woo” resources. If you’re interested in learning from non-traditional, woo woo sources, here is a very interesting interview. They start talking about silver and crypto at the 33:00 minute mark. Note They do not clearly cover the differences between centralized vs decentralized crypto, and you need to know about that.

If you’re more interested in conventional resources, I highly recommend Ivan on Tech, Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, Simon Dixon and Max Keiser. They all can be found on YouTube. Here’s a link from Ivan on Tech on how to take profits.