Urgent! New Bretton Woods Plans -Digital Currencies & Debt Explosion

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) into top gear as the pandemic has triggered a sharp global economic decline. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday announced plans to have a Bretton Woods monetary renegotiation.  In this post and video, you’ll find out what the real implications are of the IMF’s proposed plans to rebuild the economy and what this means for you and your family.

First of all, what’s a CBDC?  It’s a digital version of cash which would be under the control of a Central Bank. This is different from electronic money that you use today through your bank or credit cards.  CBDCs are not cryptocurrency; they are digital cash aka digital currency.

The overriding message from the IMF announcement is that they want to provide financial “relief” to countries that are suffering economically.  But their idea of “relief” really means debt.  The real plan would be to loan countries money, and those countries would have to repay the loan with interest. In other words, countries that get saddled with ever increasing IMF debt would become enslaved and controlled by the central bank.

To manage this new phase of global debt, the IMF would provide this “relief” in the form of CBDCs, where a central bank can control  the money–your money.

A CBDC can have automated negative interest rates programmed into the app to discourage people from saving. The new economic plan wants people to spend and take on more debt, not save.  Also, a CBDC would include surveillance of your behavior.  Listen to Simon Dixon’s video attached to find out more.

Another key message from the IMF is their plan to move away from monetary policy (i.e., money printing and interest rates) to fiscal policy (i.e., government spending, more taxes).  The IMF admits that central bank money printing is not working, and that’s why they are proposing new economic policies.

So what can we expect from this planned new economic world order?

>CBDCs would be the most important change in terms of your money and your freedom.  (The video explains more).

>The movement toward digital currency that’s controlled by a central bank will have a massive impact on Bitcoin (BTC), gold and silver to the upside. Owning assets that are not controlled by central banks or politicians will be more important than ever. One advantage that Bitcoin has over precious metals is that it offers more personal freedom as it is more easily transported across borders.

>If you live in a country that accepts IMF “relief packages,” you can expect to see increased taxes.

It’s always fear based events that lead to huge monetary decisions which lead to the gradual removal of privacy and liberties of people by using currency as the mechanism of control.

Fortunately, we have alternatives that we can choose from such as Bitcoin, gold and silver as well as Ethereum-based financial applications that are revolutionizing finance.