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Financial Market Illusions, Cover Ups & Spiritual Lessons

This 10 minute video gives a good summary of the current bleak state of the financial markets and economy, but before you watch it, know this: I’m sharing this video (and similar posts) NOT to fill you with fear or any emotion that deplete your energy but to awaken your inner warrior that is always there to guide you in infinite ways.

We must not get sucked into all the drama out there, yet we must expand our awareness of how darkness tries to control humanity. Awareness and the ability to see the bigger picture, which includes both light and darkness, empowers us spiritually.


Waking up and perceiving deception expands awareness and that empowers us. Deception and half-truths keep us in the dark. If we ignore that darkness exist, we become prey. Ignorance weakens us and endangers us.

When we expand our awareness, we can make wiser decisions because we’re better informed–we can see the bigger picture. How can we make the best decisions if we’re in the dark and can not see?

Awareness dissipates darkness. When you shed light on darkness, it loses its power.

Ancient spiritual wisdom teaches that everything is interconnected in a web of energy. If we allow ourselves to be enslaved by forces that aim to control our health or control us financially, our spiritual evolution will also be controlled…

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Inner Power Path

May 2015–Aligning Yourself For New Opportunities!

The theme for May is “A NEW ALIGNMENT”.

We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown.

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January 2015–Step Into Your Power

The theme for January is ACTIVATION. The year starts off with an intense period of release and initiation and a push from spirit to get all your ducks in a row. As we move from the more organized influences of 2014 into the chaos, creativity and destruction of 2015, it will be truly useful to…

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November 2014–Wisdom Tips For Empowerment & Protection

The main theme for November is “THE UNKNOWN.” The Unknown is what you cannot see, hear, feel, know, second- guess, expect or control. There is no instruction manual and nothing familiar. The comfort zone is being eroded much like being in a swimming pool where all of a sudden the sides of the pool disappear and…

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Mind control, the shell game, stealth gods and the matrix

If you are curious about leaving the matrix, read on. The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Those of you who have been subscribers for some time know that my passion is to empower you by providing resources to help you discover how to use the powers of your mind–the power of going within.  As…

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Are you holding yourself back?

To the extent that limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and old wounds weigh you down, you’re not free to move to the next level. Heavy emotions, such as worry, jealously and feeling offended, drain your energy. And you absolutely need plenty of energy to successfully create what you long for. That’s why you must free yourself from inner demons.

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June Forecast: Trusting Your Creativity and Vision

Creativity is a potent and fluid energy that moves you to perceive what is possible outside your seemingly fixed reality. Creativity and destructions are two sides to the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. So as you contemplate expending your creativity, be prepared for something to dissolve to make way for that expansion. If you approach this with flexibility and willingness and beauty, it will be much easier than if you resist

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May 2012-A Time to Drop “If” “Maybe” and “When”

The theme for May 2012 is commitment…but it’s probably not what you’re thinking… Commitment is removing the back door, the escape route and the words “if”, “maybe” and “when” from your vocabulary. Commitment is moving into your future with no turning back and no escape hatch. Commitment is eliminating the worry and anxiety that comes…

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March 2012–Are you seeing your opportunities?

The main theme for March is Opportunity. The action of this month and of the moving centered year demands you have a plan. Wishing and intending is not enough. You have to do something for what you want. The universe will respond to action this month and you can be incredibly productive and prosperous if…

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November Forecast 2011

This is the time to renew your commitments, your intentions and your priorities. It is the month to refresh your environment, to refinish and brighten what has dulled, to rekindle important friendships, to recharge relationships, to bring more chi into the body and to re-determine your goals and the path to reach them. November is…

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