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How To Connect With Spirit And Ask for Guidance–Audio Stream

Heather Picken, the “Spirit Trainer” radio show host and best selling author interviewed special guest Mary Rivas, founder of Unlimited Inner Power. In this 30 minute interview, Mary talked about very effective and powerful ways to connect with Spirit and how to access our deepest inner power.  Discover… > Key principles of shamanism > Different…

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Affirmations–Four Ways to Empower Your Thoughts

You’ve probably heard that saying affirmations over and over again can change your life. But do affirmations really work? The answer is yes and no. When created in a certain way and expressed with power, they can make a difference—especially when applied with other empowering techniques.  However, affirmations can be ineffective and even destructive when…

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Was Remote Viewing Used by Geronimo and Apache Scouts?

Who doesn’t live their life with the hidden sense that we are destined for more? That underneath our ordinary exterior lays an extraordinary being that can live a phenomenal life? We have all felt that we can be more, that our life can be more.  Deep down we know it’s true. Our inner voice has…

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