Affirmations–Four Ways to Empower Your Thoughts

You’ve probably heard that saying affirmations over and
over again can change your life.

But do affirmations really work?

The answer is yes and no.

When created in a certain way and expressed with power, they can
make a difference—especially when applied with other empowering
techniques.  However, affirmations can be ineffective and even
destructive when you use them the wrong way.

How do you create and use powerful affirmations to get maximum

1.    Expand your awareness of affirmations.  They are your allies.
2.    Know how to create effective affirmations.
3.    Energize your affirmations.
4.    Use them for certain time periods and at powerful times.


Thoughts are your allies.  They provide instructions to your
subconscious mind, to your higher self. When repeated enough, they
will change your reality even if you start out by not believing in
what you repeat.  Over time, your continuous thoughts transform into
beliefs. Beliefs create reality.

Thoughts are forms of invisible energy. Everything on the physical
plane has a spiritual counterpart.

Visible forms of energy, such as money, your clothes, and the car
that you drive, once were invisible.  They were once thoughts that
coalesced into form and density until they materialized on this
physical plane.

Everything that exists on the material plane, once existed in the
world of thought, in a realm that is infinite and that is not bound
by time or space


Before thoughts can transform into visible forms of energy, they
need to be energized with certain words and feelings.

Below are examples of weak affirmations vs. powerful, energized
affirmations.  See the notes below to understand why each statement
is either lacking energy or powerful.

Weak Affirmations

A)  “I pray that I can get rid of my debt”
B)  “I will meet the love of my life one day soon”

Powerful Affirmations

C)  “I am thankful for creating (_____) right now because it
allows me to have freedom and peace of mind in my life.”

D)  “”I am now attracting all the resources I need and everyday
I have great ideas that help me easily achieve my business goal
with joy and wisdom.”

Affirmation A — is too vague and is likely to produce vague
results at best.  Even worse, this affirmation focuses on a negative
thing— “debt” and by focusing on debt, you’re likely to actually
create more debt in your life.  Train yourself to focus your
attention on what you want and to avoid thinking about what you
don’t want.  Put your energy into happy thoughts.

Affirmation B — focuses on the future.  With this
type of affirmation, you are likely to delay producing the
relationship you desire since you are essentially telling the
universe to give it to you in the future (“I will”) rather than now.
You could be waiting a long time.

Affirmation C and D — use the powerful “I am” decree and these
words put you in the present (“I am now”) rather than the past or
future.  When using “I am”, only use positive thoughts; negatives
are best placed in the past.  By speaking as if what you want has
already occurred, you give your affirmations power with feelings
of excitement, gratitude and happiness.


Focus on your affirmations throughout the day, especially when
you’re in a meditative-type state such as theta.
When your mind quiets down, you access deeper levels of
consciousness, and your thoughts become more energized and more
powerful.  When you’re in a deep state, such as theta, your
sub-conscious mind is more receptive to commands.

It’s especially important that you focus only on want you want and
avoid all thoughts about what you do not want.  Be keenly aware of
your thoughts and only hold those thoughts that you want to

Relax and trust that your goal is now in the process of being
materialized. Many people have difficulty with this part.  They keep
themselves from relaxing and trusting because they are filled with
doubts.  Be aware that by associating heavy emotions, such as
tension and worry, with your goals, you’re making it difficult to
materialize what you desire.

Achieve your goals faster than you thought possible when you
relax and energize your ideas during states of theta.
Relax and start commanding your sub-conscious mind.



Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged if nothing seems to happen
when you practice affirmations. Reserve judgment.  Keep at it.
It takes 21 days to break a habit.  It takes 40 days to make a new

From a shamanic perspective, sunrise and sunset are very powerful
times to focus on your goals and affirmations.

At dawn and dusk, our brain waves (rhythms) are closer to theta.
Theta is linked to the world of spirit. And, when we are closer
to spirit, we have a stronger effect on the material plane.

Thoughts are invisible forms of energy that live in the world of
spirit.  When they are energized enough, they materialize on the
physical plane.

That doesn’t mean that you only focus on your affirmations during
those two times of the day.  It means that you take advantage of
those times to give your affirmations extra energy or power.

You need to say and feel your affirmations regularly throughout
each day.

If you say an affirmation just once or twice a day but for the rest
of the day fill your mind with negative thoughts, you’ll eliminate
the power of your affirmations.

If you want to get a new job and you say a positive affirmation
about finding a new job, but then follow it up with a series of
negative thoughts such as “There are no good jobs.” or “Nobody’s
hiring during this bad economy…” That kind of attitude will lead
to negative results, like not finding a job or finding a job that
you don’t like.

You need to be continually aware of your thoughts.  Be impeccable

with your thoughts.

You have unlimited inner power.

Discover how to access the deeper levels of consciousness to
energize your affirmations.

This is your life.  Make the most of it.


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