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November Empowerment Tips

November’s Energy of Pressure Can Help You With Breakthroughs!

The main theme for the month of November is PRESSURE.

This month we enter the labor that will birth our own transformation and change. And just as in actual childbirth, once the process begins, there is no going back.

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Trust and Faith

Faith & Trust–Two Energies To Carry You Through

Perhaps you’ve been reading or hearing about some intense events that people are saying are going to take place this month…. Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive about the shifting energies… What do do?

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Using the Energy of Intensity In April 2014 To Overcome Fears and More

Your essence is pressuring you from the inside to move beyond your petty personality, to overcome fears that weaken you and to become the powerful being that you are. This is a pressurized time. The pressure from within is to finally deal with your fears and with your negativity, resistance, and addiction to suffering…

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February 2013–A Time of Unpredictability

The theme for February is UNPREDICTABLE, with tremendous opportunities for personal growth. You will need to be very very flexible and very present to navigate the energy this month, as it will have a tendency to be squirrelly, shifty and emotional, bringing unexpected experiences, reactions, changes and opportunities. You will need to let go of…

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New Audio Helps You Relieve Stress and Achieve Goals Faster

Los Angeles, CA – October 18, 2011 – (“WSA”) has released a self help audio that does far more than help people relieve stress and achieve deeply desired goals.  Its ultimate purpose is to help people connect with their inner power and strengthen the faith in the power of themselves.  Entitled ‘The Warrior Spirit—How…

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Alchemy and Personal Transformation—Coming Up Sept 16-18th

If you want to learn about alchemy and personal transformation, there is a unique event coming up next month that could be what you’ve been looking for. The Alchemy Conference will take place on September 16-18th in Long Beach, California.  It is both an outstanding forum to learn about scientific findings and spiritual teachings from…

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August 2011–A Time To Do More Than You Think Is Possible

The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention. This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilant or controlling but rather becoming more present and taking notice from a place of expanded awareness. Most of us have narrowed our experience of life and ability to respond down to a very narrow band, being asleep…

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June 2011 Forecast–A Time To Do a Personal Realignment

When a vehicle gets out of alignment it shakes and shimmies and wants to veer off the road. What causes it to get out of alignment is hitting bumps, potholes and other obstacles. If a vehicle is left in this condition for too long, the tires will wear out. A vehicle will not realign itself.…

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May 2011–Influences To Take Advantage Of and To Beware Of

This month begins a much larger cycle of bringing all the disconnected parts back into communication with each other. In the name of individuality and based on the model of competition, the right hand has not known what the left hand is doing for a long, long time. The masculine has been disconnected from the…

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April 2011 Forecast and Trends

The main theme for April is FERTILITY! You could say that aspects of physical life on this planet have been in a winter cycle of hibernation. Certain attitudes and behaviors have been repeated and repeated with very little change towards a more evolved way of being. The planet, and therefore each one of us individually…

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