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»Release emotional, mental and physical stress and increase your energy to protect your health and deal with daily life much more easily...

»Experience greater happiness and optimism…

»Grow your inner power and manifest what you deeply desire in your life…

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»Increase your natural intuitive mind powers...

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Have you been feeling stress to the point where

life is feeling a bit out of control?

Most of us live hectic lives that make it challenging to quiet our minds.  Our thoughts race non-stop, day in and day out.  We are constantly thinking about our schedules, dinner plans, money worries, grocery lists, concerns about tomorrow, regrets about yesterday and the list goes on!

Does that sound familiar?

We cannot access our mind powers fully when we indulge in non-stop mind chatter and negative self-talk. And, constant distractions—cell phones, music, television and social media interaction—do not help us either to develop our amazing potential.

The purpose of Unlimited Inner Power is to help you discover your personal power...to help you have greater faith in yourself.  Personal power is a force within us that enables us to achieve our greatest dreams and live our purpose. To have personal power, we need sufficient energy…and it starts with our mind… I’ll explain in just a moment.

You are unique. You are here for a reason. You are truly powerful and have abilities, talents and insights that nobody else has. You just need to discover how to use them.

How do you discover and use your potential power?

It all starts with your mind.

Mind Powers and BrainwavesAncient wisdom teaches that our mind is a gateway to transformation on every level.

We can gain life-transforming insights, grow our intuitive powers, heal ourselves emotionally and physically, delay aging, achieve greater happiness and spiritual growth… when we use our minds in a certain way.

More and more people everyday—from high-level business executives to educators, health care professionals and factory workers—-are discovering the amazing powers of their minds.

When you discover how to use your hidden mind powers and

supercharge your abilities, other parts of your life benefit too!

You have probably heard of the mind-body connection and how thoughts profoundly affect your health, your physiology, your emotions and what you manifest in the physical world.  But the reverse is also true.  What you do to your body–your brain, affects your thoughts, emotions, health and what you manifest.  Have you noticed how you feel more optimistic after taking a nap or having a good night sleep?


The truth is that everything is interconnected, just as ancient wisdom teaches.  When you enhance your brain’s natural abilities, you benefit physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.


Over 1,000 brain studies over the last few decades prove

the mind-body-spirit connection.


Research confirms, for example, that we can control our mind states to influence our physiology, ability to heal, emotional states and psychic abilities.

Did you know that when you regularly experience deeper mind states, you can release emotions that weigh you down, such as fear, worry and sadness?


This is important.  Negative thinking and heavy emotions, such as worry, drains our energy, our vital force.  Without enough energy, we can not grow our personal power.


Did you also know that when you deeply relax your mind and body, it triggers the production of many beneficial biochemicals that make your feel happier, delay aging, strengthen your immune system and increase your intelligence and creativity?


In my most recent book, Brain Power: Boost Your Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth With Practical Tools That Supercharge Your Mind Powers, I cite extensive brain research studies that reveal the interconnections between brainwaves and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.


Whether you want to achieve your goals more easily, or improve your emotional and physical well being, or live with greater inner peace and happiness… you need sufficient energy–personal power. Sign up today and discover how to unleash your mind powers and change your life for the better.



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How Can Unlimited Inner Power Help You?


When you sign up and join us, you will discover audio programs and practices to help you…


  • Dramatically reduce stress and improve your mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Boost your happiness and feelings of optimism (grow your energy).
  • Manifest your deepest goals more easily.
  • Increase your intuitive abilities, such as remote viewing.
  • Get insights and answers to help you break through from what’s keeping you stuck.
  • Release negative emotions that drain your energy
  • Feel more energized and confident.
  • Develop a stronger spiritual connection.
  • Experience more passion in life.
  • Discover mind secrets that will strengthen you at the core.
  • Live with greater inner tranquility.

  • Let Me Tell You My Story


    Hello friend, I’m Mary Rivas.  Years ago, I worked as a vice president of a very successful investment company. I felt proud of the position that I held. I had worked hard to get where I was, and I was making pretty good money. But, over time I started to feel less happy and more tired of my routine life.

    I knew that there had to be more to life than the long hours at the job, a hectic life and three weeks of vacation a year. Things did not feel right. I was definitely in a rut. I wanted to totally transform my life and experience a whole different lifestyle. For starters, I wanted to resign from my corporate job, have my own business doing what I loved, and be in a romantic relationship. I wanted to transform my life!

    I knew that to create such huge changes in my life was almost like asking for a miracle.  I applied all the empowering knowledge that I had acquired over ten years on mind powers and ancient wisdom.  I went through some tough times. But a force kept encouraging me to be relentless in applying this knowledge.  I did mind-empowering practices and techniques that I had learned from shamans…

    Though I have a degree in psychology and have learned a lot about the mind from years of academic research, I discovered that ancient wisdom, specifically shamanism, holds the most powerful knowledge about the powers of the mind. It teaches that…


    everything is energy, and that to change our reality, we have to have enough energy

    —personal power.  And it starts with the mind.

    I practiced simple techniques and practices that I had learned from shamans from Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Interestingly, years later I discovered that some of these age-old practices are being taught today, in various forms, by personal growth experts.


    The more I applied this knowledge, the more my energy increased, and the more personal power I acquired. Then, everything started to change…

    Within about half a year, my life transformed completely—and almost all at once. I resigned from my corporate position in Los Angeles, met my beloved partner, moved out of the city, went to live on Catalina island and started my first business—doing what I loved. Since then, more paths opened up that were even more amazing.  AND, what really matters is that I have been truly fortunate to help people worldwide by sharing this powerful knowledge and wisdom.


    Why have I shared my story with you?


    To help you realize that YOU TOO have that power deep within you… You too can change your life for the better!

    I have helped thousands of people worldwide to discover and use their mind powers… and to improve their lives on many levels.


    I believe I went through many years of painful experiences and TONS of learning for a purpose. I can now help you discover the secrets that I uncovered but in less time!


    Of course, I don’t have all the answers, but I can positively help you get much closer to realizing your goals. I am absolutely thankful to pass on to you what was passed on to me.  I am not saying that life’s challenges will disappear when you start using your mind powers.  Challenges are part of life. They help us to grow personally and spiritually…  I am saying that you will have more inner strength–personal power—to live the life you are meant to live and to manage life’s challenges much more easily.

    Sign up to receive the free gifts that I am offering, and you will see what I mean. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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    Now, I want to give you a little education about the mind.


    The first step to growing personal power is becoming aware of how our mind works!


    Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells, which use electricity to communicate with each other. Every second of your life, brain cells generate electrical patterns that change depending on your thoughts, emotions and your physical well being.  These patterns of electrical activity are essentially electric waves that emit electrochemical impulses of varied frequencies, which are known as “brain waves.”

    There are five brain wave patterns:  Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta and Gamma.  Your brain typically has all the brain wave patterns happening simultaneously, with one of the brain wave frequencies being dominant at any given time.   This dominant brain pattern indicates your “mind state” or “level of consciousness.”

    Each mind state has distinct functions and abilities:


    brain waves and mind power



    In beta, the brain wave frequency is fast, between 14-30 pulsations per second.  We spend most of our waking hours predominantly in beta.

    Have you ever tried to quiet your mind but found that it was impossible to stop thoughts from zooming in from every direction?  Or, maybe you’ve had the experience of not being able to remember an answer when you felt tense?  That is the beta mind state.  It is a state of constant mind chatter.

    Research has shown that this mind state is often associated with stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, worry, poor sleep and nervousness.  When a person is in the beta mind state, the potential for advanced learning and healing overall is less than in the other brain states.  Also, a person’s ability to experience emotional breakthroughs tends to be limited in this mind state.

    Although excessive beta does have limitations, the beta mind state does serve many important functions.  This level of consciousness is also associated with a state of alertness and focused concentration.  When your mind is engaged in mental activities, such as logical analysis, sports or conversation, the dominant brainwave state will be Beta.


    Alpha brain waves are slower in frequency than beta. They slow down to 8-13 cycles per second–about half that of beta.


    Alpha is the bridge to your sub-conscious mind.  It’s a doorway into your deeper mind powers.


    People most commonly experience the alpha mind state when they are close to falling asleep, watching television or reading a novel.  This level of consciousness is associated with contemplation, visualization, problem solving and creativity. In this mind state, you have a greater potential for learning than in beta.  What takes years to learn in beta, can take just months in alpha.


    When your brain waves slow down even more, you are in the theta mind state.  In theta, brain wave frequencies slow down to 4-7 cycles per second.


    People most commonly experience the theta mind state when they are in profound relaxation, meditation, and when entering sleep and just upon awakening.  If you have ever spent several days alone in the wilderness, such as a forest, chances are that you were consciously in the state of theta.  Unfortunately, most people do not actively use this mind state because they fall asleep when they are deeply relaxed.

    Research has shown that regular theta meditative practices can greatly reduce the need for sleep.  This can be one way that you can have more hours in the day to get things done in your life while improving your mental and physical health.

    The mind state of theta is associated with emotional breakthroughs, mental reprogramming, high levels of creativity, increased intuition, the production of pleasure-causing endorphins and anti-aging hormones, such as human growth hormone (HGH).  Since theta brain wave patterns are associated with creativity and inspiration, it makes sense that many scientific breakthroughs and inventions have resulted from intuitive hunches and mental imagery.


    The deeper states of theta are also associated with intuitive abilities such as remote viewing.


    In delta, the brain wave frequency slows down further to 1/2 to 3 cycles per second.


    We experience delta during dreaming and in profound meditative states.  Delta brainwave states are associated with healing—physical as well as emotional—and spiritual experiences of transcendence and ecstasy.


    Brain research has shown that in theta and delta mind states, we can dramatically reduce the production of aging hormones, such as cortisol.   Cortisol increases blood sugar, blood pressure and reduces immune responses.  It also interferes with learning and memory, and in general harms the body.  It is known as the “stress hormone.”


    The delta mind state offers far more than health, mental and emotional benefits….

    The delta mind state is magical.


    Shamans, mystics, and saints for eons have entered delta mind states to transcend ordinary human capabilities and experience extraordinary mind powers.  The potential to mind travel, communicate with plants, communicate with people at far distances and experience miraculous healings are possible in this mind state.

    Few people know how to consciously use this powerful mind state because when people enter delta, they lose conscious awareness. However, it is possible to train yourself to remain awake while reaching this mind state.

    Gamma– “Super Beta”

    The gamma brain wave state is the most recent mind state discovered.  It is the most rapid in frequency, at least 30 cycles per second.

    Since it is a new brain wave and is difficult to accurately measure it, there are different definitions for this mind state.  Many researchers report that gamma brain waves are at least 40 cycles per second.  Many researchers don’t distinguish beta from gamma waves, and refer to it as “Super Beta.”

    Research as of today indicates that the gamma mind state is associated with high-level information processing and certain cognitive activities, such as analysis, creative writing and math, as well as with bursts of insights and holistic perception.  Some researchers claim that the gamma mind state is the blissful state a person reaches after years of meditation.



    Your Mind Powers Are Far More Than
    Your Sub-Conscious Mind, Positive Thinking,

    Visualizations or Affirmations

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    It’s time to eliminate self-imposed limitations.

    It’s time to discover how truly powerful you are…


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    At the simplest level, you’ll benefit in four main ways from investing in yourself and building your personal power:


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    Have you been feeling stress to the point where

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