What Can a Navy SEAL Teach You About Yoga?

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Most people think of yoga as light stretching or group fitness for women only. Few realize yoga was created for warriors—military and spiritual—to strengthen and support their bodies during periods of intense growth and challenge.

Mark Divine, a retired Navy SEAL, accomplished yoga teacher, and martial artist, is leading a free 30 day Kokoro yoga online class will kick off on April 25th.  If this sounds interesting to you, click here to register!

You can think of Kokoro yoga as warrior yoga.  ‘Kokoro’ literally means heart or the feeling of it. It’s this merging of the warrior’s heart or spirit—with ancient physical poses or ‘asanas’—that transform your body into an instrument of power and performance.

In the online yoga class, Mark will use the principles outlined in his latest bestselling book, Kokoro Yoga.  Here’s a video to learn more about the free 30 day class & about the book Kokoro Yoga.