The Joy of Gold’s Healing Properties + Heart & Sun Connection

image sun goldIn my last post, I wrote about how gold can help you be better prepared financially for the future. But gold has many practical uses beyond just financial.

Did you know that gold has healing properties?

The ancients believed that the traditional seven metals (gold, lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury and silver) have a being or essence that is in tune with the power of the seven planets.  Gold, for example, has been associated with the Sun. Its name is believed to be derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “to shine,” and its chemical symbol (Au) comes from aurum, Latin for “glowing dawn.

And, since ancient times, the seven metals were associated with the parts of the body.  Here’s a snapshot of how the metals are believed to correspond to the body.


Until recently, gold was used as a heart remedy (the heart being the organ associated with the sun and gold). Homeopathic doctors still use gold in high dilutions and regard it as a remedy for depressive or suicidal conditions. I think it makes intuitive sense that gold could stimulate our will to live and lift our spirit,  After all, gold is believed to carry the energy of the sun, and the sun is what gives us life on earth.

It was taught that gold, like the Sun, stimulates our will to grow and helps us overcome paralysis and fear that surface during personal challenging times.  Think about it.  When you get sun, how do you feel?  Life is brighter, right?  Personally, the sun gives me physical vitality, strength and will power.  It gives me JOY. Could it be that gold could augment the powers of the sun for us?

Interesting that we are taught to avoid the sun…Almost everyone wears sunglasses and avoids eye contact with the sun.

What does modern science say about the therapeutic properties of gold?

Modern scientific findings have found that gold does, in fact, have a positive effect on the mood and inspires confidence in the future.  It gives us the foundation of JOY.  And, it’s been found to have a beneficial effect during seasonal depression.  People who suffer from certain heart conditions also seem to benefit when they wear gold.

And, studies have found that gold can increase intelligence and mental abilities.  Gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.  That’s why it’s  used in the production of a new generation of cosmetics.

How to get the healing benefits from gold?

You can use gold as jewelry.

You can eat or drink out of gold utensils.  Back in the day, royalty and high priests would drink out of gold chalices, but that’s not practical for most of us…

Another way to get the benefits of gold is to take it internally via drops.

The only way to know for sure how it could benefit you is to test it.  If you’re curious, you can start with a small bottle of colloidal goldThis link also leads to a short report on the effects of gold on IQ.

I am sharing this post not to provide treatment advise but to expand your awareness about the use of gold and precious metals.

If this post stirred some interest in you, I encourage you to do your own research into the healing properties of gold.

Either way, you can benefit just by using gold as a way to strengthen your finances–as a way to hedge against economic chaos and declines in the purchasing power of the dollar.

Keep expanding your awareness!  The rabbit hole is always deeper than you think!


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