The 2020 Reset: How To See Opportunities & Increase Optimism

Everyone thinks they’re right. So, the question isn’t who’s right or who’s wrong. The question is, who is most in alignment with their Source? And who is the most allowing? And whose life is really going the best, most of the time? –Abraham Hicks

We all agree that we’re living in intense times when huge, unprecedented events are unfolding before our eyes. Corona virus news stories. Dismantling of the current financial system. Economic experiments. It can feel surreal –like watching a movie. Now depending on which channel you tune into, you can experience heavy emotions like fear and anxiety or uplifting emotions such as inspiration and optimism. You have the power to choose.

This is a critical time to make decisions on what we want. We are in the midst of a reset on all levels. What we focus on each and every day–and throughout each day– affects our day-to-day experiences and future. It’s up to us individually to create a world that we prefer.

What can we do? Take inspired action. Here are two guidelines that can help you: 1) Choose what makes you feel excitement or at least what makes you feel better, lighter. Each day we can choose what we prefer from the available options that we have. The idea is to do as much as you can to lift your spirit. 2) Choose what gives you –and others–more freedom and empowerment. Freedom is the basis of life. Keep moving in that direction.

It’s time to wake up and discover your power of consciousness, your power to choose.

You can make powerful decisions that will improve your life.

In the case of your personal finances, for example, you can improve your finances by reducing your use of traditional financial institutions and increasing your use of new financial platforms. If you don’t like the current banking system because banks don’t pay interest on your savings and they charge high fees that feel like robbery, choose differently! Think Bitcoin and the new, emerging platforms that charge no fees and pay interest rates far above what banks offer. More on that in a later posts.

Yes, we’ve been witnessing unprecedented events. They can be a threat or a benefit to us. Remember, you have the power to choose. Expand your awareness of the possibilities that exist for you on all levels.

Everyday, we have more solutions that are being presented to us: New financial platforms that help humanity achieve financial freedom. Alternative methods of healing. Knowledge, that was once secret, is now being revealed to help humanity evolve spiritually. This is the time to expand your awareness and lift your spirit. An easy step you can take today to increase your power is to stop watching TV.

Not only stop watching TV, but start increasing–big time–your knowledge via sources that can lift your spirit and inspire you to take action. On YouTube alone, you can discover amazing knowledge in the areas of alternative finance, alternative health and universal laws. Keep expanding your mental bandwidth, strengthening your body and increasing your energy. Do whatever you can everyday to feel better and better–every little bit matters.

NOW is the time to expand your awareness and increase your energy to empower yourself. There are many ways you can do that: Breath exercises. Meditative practices. Physical exercise. Sacred sexual practices. In this post, I want to introduce you to two people that explain how sexual energy can empower you. What they teach can help expand your mental bandwidth as to what is possible! YouTube link below.

There are many helpers on the path to freedom and no one person has all the answers. You’ll have to learn to tune inward in order to be guided to what’s best for you. In general, when you feel uplifting emotions, such as fascination or optimism, you’re moving in the right direction.

The 2020 reset can be a threat to humanity or it can be a benefit to us. We have the power to choose. Time will tell what choices we made collectively.