The #1 Reason A “Poor Me” Mindset Pushes Prosperity Away

The_Basic_Difference...blk_white Have you noticed that when you start your day feeling not so good that the day tends to go not so well?

When you have a thought, you move energy in the direction of that thought.  Often, when we have negative thoughts, we give them more energy and before we know it, they mushroom and send us into a downward spiral.

One of the most common triggers that gets us into a self-destructive mood is self-pity.  Self-pity is an easy trap to fall into and even warriors can get trapped.  A “poor me” mindset weakens you emotionally, spiritually and financially!  It depletes your energy, your personal power.

Do YOU Indulge in Self-Pity?

Ask yourself these two questions to know if you indulge in self-pity:  Do you generally blame others or things out there when you feel unhappy about your life?  Do you tend to continually whine about what you’re not happy about? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re stuck in the “poor me” world.

Avoid the “poor me” world completely. The warrior does not go there.  When you indulge in self-pity, you attract people and circumstances that weaken you. Self-pity saps your energy and hampers your ability to manifest what you deeply long for.  It feeds other heavy emotions, such as discouragement, anxiety and worry–all of which further decrease your personal power to manifest!

In The Warrior Spirit:How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More! I explain how everything is alive and interconnected in a web of energy.  Your thoughts are energy.  Words are energy.  Money is energy.  Visible forms of energy, such as money, once existed in the world of thought before they materialized on the physical plane.

Empowering thoughts build up your energy and help you transform ideas into concrete forms in the physical plane. Why?  Ideas need to have sufficient energy behind them to materialize.  In other words, you need to have personal power –sufficient energy– to attract the people or things you want in your life.

The #1 reason self-pity and heavy thoughts push prosperity away from you is because they sap your energy and personal power to manifest.  That’s why you must be impeccable with your thoughts and words; they’re interconnected with the end results you want to materialize in your life.

You have the power to choose which thoughts you give energy to–which thoughts you focus on.  You can choose to focus on thoughts that weaken you or thoughts that empower you.  Take responsibility for what you focus on.  You have the power to change your life for the better.

Here’s one practice you can do to quickly transform a heavy thought into an empowering one.

Close your eyes and recollect a time when you felt deeply happy, and RELIVE that joyful moment.  To relive a memory is to feel as if it were happening now and to experience it with all of your senses.  Though the event happened in the past, you are in both places at once. You are here remembering and there, at the same time.  Your mood will shift and you’ll feel lighter as you truly relive the happy memory.

Happy and empowering thoughts lift the spirit and increase your energy.  They help you feel more optimistic.  Optimism opens the doors of opportunities… When you feel light as a feather, you more easily attract the people, events and creative solutions that help you achieve your deepest goals.

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