Sun Medicine Secrets -Part 2 of 2

It’s been a fascinating journey!  When I began posting about investing in gold, I was inspired to go deeper.  That’s what I love to do–go deeper into discovering layers of hidden knowledge.

As you might know, I’ve posted about the importance of investing in gold, the medicinal value of using colloidal gold.  But there’s more!

In my research about gold, I discovered more about what the ancients taught about gold.  It turns out that gold is symbolic of the sun.  Each of the major metals is associated with a planet and part of the human body.  The sun, for example, is associated with gold and the heart & spine. My research led me to dig deeper into the teachings about the sun by the ancient spiritual traditions, biblical scriptures and great philosophers such as Plato and Pythagoras.  Down the rabbit hole I went…

My journey led me to discover the healing powers of solar gazing and sunbathing.  I was so fascinated about what I discovered in my research that I started solar gazing a few months ago, and it has absolutely increased my energy, boosted my optimism and creativity.  In the video below, the presenter teaches how to do solar gazing. Hira Manek with his funny yet serious presentation explains the healing powers of the sun. I think you will find it amazing!

In this video, you learn how the sun can heal depression, increase positive thinking, strengthen the will, regenerate and reactivates brain cells, improve vision and eye disorders, balance body chemistry…and more! During the Q&A part, Hira even answers a question about the use of solar gazing to help meth addicts. He cites medical research, which I think is important in this type of presentation.

If you want to go deeper… below is a video about the esoteric teachings of the sun and solar system by Manly Hall, who was a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge.  Many years ago, I took classes at his Los Angeles school, and it was positively transformative.  Manly Hall’s classic books on the medicine of the sun are available on Amazon.

Question for you: 

What was the most important thing you got out of the solar gazing video?

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