Special Audio On Vaccines (Jon Rappoport) & Collapsing Economy

In the first hour Jon Rappoport, a phenomenal researcher and journalist, joins Katy Whelan from The Common Sense Radio Show for a special report on vaccines. Jon provides stunning coverage of the damage that vaccines are doing to children, and comments on Robert De Niro’s breakthrough film VAXXE.  Jon is a fantastic speaker–he knows how to say a lot in a concise manner.  It seems the roof is beginning to cave in on the vaccine empire.

In the second and third hour of the video, Doug Hagmann joins the host to unravel the unfolding world financial crisis and all that is spinning off of this economic crisis.

The lies that are emerging in the health & financial/economic news are astounding. But remember, the more our awareness expands, the more we empower ourselves. At a basic level, awareness helps us to make more informed decisions and take steps to protect ourselves!