Six Ways to Produce Youth Hormones and Reduce Stress

Meditation and meditative-oriented practices are just one of many tools that you can use to deeply relax and develop your inner power.  The benefits to doing so are many including reducing stress and stress-like symptoms, such insomnia and body aches, as well as preventing pre-mature aging.

Just like a carpenter needs to have many tools in his tool box to get a job done, you’ll also want to have many tools in your tool box to achieve deep relaxation and empowerment—especially in times of stress.  A carpenter needs to have more than a hammer to build a house.  So too, you’ll need to have many tools at your disposal to build a foundation of calmness and balance.  The more tools you have at your disposal, the more empowered you’ll be and the more benefits you’ll reap.

Maintaining a sense of calm in everyday life is more difficult than it is to be in balance under conditions of maximum stress.

Being in balance in normal everyday circumstances is vital to preserving your energy, your personal power, as I’ve explained on

Below are six ways to experience the power of relaxation and the benefits of nurturing your mind, body and spirit.  And, you don’t have to spend a dime.


Here are easy and enjoyable ways to decrease stress and increase the production of youth hormones. You”ll soon be on your way to getting rid of “death” hormones such as cortisol.

1.  Practice meditative-type exercises.

2.  Get out in nature— A study in England found that after a walk in the country, 72% reported decreased levels of depression and said they felt less tense. And, 90% reported increased self-esteem.  A walk in the mall has no such effect.  When you connect with nature —the vitality of trees, plants, air and the sun, you access the power of creation and awesome energy.

3.  Exercise— It’s a proven way to decrease life-shortening and aging stress hormones. If you want to get even more out of exercise, do it in nature.  Walking uphill in nature is a fantastic way to strengthen your body, mind and spirit all at once. Walking in nature using peripheral vision for at least 30 minutes can create a state of alpha.

4.  Get a loving pet—The simple stroking of a loving pet has been proven to lower heart rate, decrease stress and anxiety while lowering blood pressure.  Even watching fish in an aquarium creates similar effects!

5.  Use your imagination—If you can’t get to nature or you don’t have a pet, enter a deep meditative state and imagine yourself being in nature, stroking a pet or whatever else soothes you.  Studies show that the mind and body can not tell the difference between imagination and “real” events on the physical plane! You can produce the same effects with your imagination that you can in real life!

6.  Be impeccable with your thoughts—Observe your thoughts and how you speak.  Become aware of how your thoughts make you feel. Thoughts produce feelings. Do your thoughts make you feel happy or down and anxious?  Continuous heavy emotions, such as fear and self-pity, create stress-related reactions in your body that trigger pre-mature aging and disease.

Did you know that when you are deeply relaxed and at ease, your body can not create dis-ease?  Disease is created when you are not at ease.  When you’re deeply relaxed and centered, your body can’t  produce stress-related chemicals that cause disease and pre-mature aging.

That’s right you can use meditation and other forms of deep relaxation—-that are free— to be younger, healthier and empowered.