September 2010 Forecast—A Time of Tension and Breakthroughs

The main theme for September is Tension-Breakthrough.

In this month’s forecast, Lena Stevens, author and co-founder
of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to
the study and application of shamanism and wisdom, reveals
influences and opportunities to take advantage of.

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Below is an excerpt from the September forecast:

The tension is an energy buildup, some of it specific and
some of it non-specific. It may feel oppressive; much like
the heaviness of a storm front before it breaks, or it may
feel energizing and highly moving centered much like the
pressure of high winds. This tension has been building for
some time now and much of it is not personal to you but
rather part of the global matrix poised for change.

This month offers an incredible opportunity for manifesting
and expanding your horizons. The tension can be used
positively and proactively to get things done, to clear out
what doesn’t serve, and to finally step up to that bid for
power you have been avoiding. Stay out of judgment
especially around what you see breaking down and always
focus on the breakthrough that is just on the other side.

As has been mentioned on numerous occasions, it is always
important to trust in spirit, make decisions from the heart
and avoid being around negativity and lower vibration.

Relationships are fast moving this month. In and out,
finished and started. There is an increase in telepathic
communication. Don’t be surprised if you think of someone
and they call just then. Or you meet someone and it seems
like a coincidence. There is no such thing as coincidence
that is not somehow planned by spirit.  Converging vectors,
places of intersection where one person’s life path
intersects another person’s life path for a purpose
(experience, information, exchange or agreement), will be on
the upswing this month as choices and decisions lead into
new directions. It is an exciting time for relationships
despite the shock or grief some of you may feel for a time
after a sudden break up…

Work hard, play hard, start an exercise routine, run, bike,
or dance. Your body will respond and it will help handle
tension buildup. Otherwise you may experience a physical
restlessness. The body has the potential this month to gain
in strength and resilience but you will need to work it. The
body can finally adapt to new vibrations and feel much more
able to handle what is ahead.  Challenges this month are
with digestion, third chakra, adrenals and hips…

A great month for moving ahead with projects and
partnerships. Ask and you shall receive is the mantra for
the month. As long as you are in alignment with spirit and
being proactive with your bids for power and keep good
boundaries against negative thinking and low vibration, the
light is green for just about anything you want to

Beware of spreading yourself to thinly. It is OK to say “no”
or to postpone something for a later time. If it is
happening easily and you are experiencing the converging
vectors of coincidence around a certain idea or project, you
know it is the right thing for the present. However if you
know you have a good idea or proposal but the energy is not
there for it, perhaps the timing is not right and you should