Ready to express your creative writing with like-minded people?

I want to introduce you to a very very special friend of mine who I’ve known for over ten years.  His name is Joshua Townsend.  Joshua has a remarkable gift for seeing hidden interconnections and layers of depth in people and events.  I believe his gifts of awareness and perception are invaluable in his work as a director and consultant to actors and actresses and in all his endeavors to help people with their creative expression, including writing.

Read on to learn about his 14-day online writing creative program! It’s designed for anyone who has something to write – but just has not had the time or the focus to start. In less than 15 minutes a day for 14 days in a row – the writing world will begin to emerge before your very eyes.

It starts tomorrow-August 6.  (Sorry about short notice).  And, at the very end of his email message below, you can read more about Joshua.

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From:  Joshua Townsend

Dear fellow writers and cultural creatives,

Are you looking to jumpstart your creativity?

Are you looking to increase your creative powers & production?

Are you ready to make some headway on a creative project?

Some of you may not know me or know my on line program Karma Free Writing .  Very simply, it’s an on line writing class that may be just the thing that can help you spur your creative expression… and meet some very interesting people!  

So simple and yet so profoundly helpful. For 14 days in a row – starting on Tuesday (August 5), I will send you a writing prompt that you will write on for only 11 minutes. Yes, a timed write – but for only 11 minutes.

Then, once you have written your piece, you can post it on the Karma Free Writing Blog site. There you make comments on writers’ posts and read what others have said about yours.

This simple approach to the creative process – while being supported by a community of like minded and spirited writers and artists —will do a lot of things for you.

1. Helps to increase your production. It’s amazing how much one can write in only 11 minutes a day. By the end of the 14 days, you’ll be amazed at how much you have produced.

2. Having a writing prompt waiting for you every morning. It is a timed write for only 11 minutes – a great way to end procrastination. You also have a place to post your work and get feedback from fellow writers and creatives using these two questions: 1) What did I like about the writing and 2) What do I want to hear more about.

3. It just feels good. Something about expressing yourself every day and having a forum to share it really helps to unleash that creative juice and … most of the time that juice spurs other creative projects and aspects of our lives!

STARTS TUESDAY, Aug. 6th 2013.  Yes, you’ll enjoy your creative writes from the New Moon to Full Moon cycle so that we work with the rhythm of nature.

Click here for more details and to register. The online group course is only $21.

All blessings,

About Joshua

Joshua Townshend-Zellner has been professionally involved in the theatre, film and the entertainment industry for over 25 years as a writer, actor, producer and director.  His training includes USC’s BFA program, South Coast Repertory Theatre, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and he has trained personal with many luminaries of the International Theatre scene including; Ron Sossi, Yoshi Oida, George Shandoff, Osentinsky, Ryszard Cieslak. Most recently he has worked with the award winning writer and performer Ann Randolph.

He is currently working on a slate of projects including:  27 Days of Karma Free WritingThe Power of Soon, a non linear look at the history of time and his controversial screen play about life and redemption Walking Sunset Blvd and a one man show entitled, 18 Inches.

Joshua has blended the world of Theatre / Improvisation Training with his studies in the ancient yogi and shamanic tradition and shared his knowledge and experience with students from around the world.