Radiation From Potential Nuclear Fallout–Tips To Protect Yourself

The recent news about the emergency in Japan following the meltdown of one of its nuclear power plants has triggered increasing concerns about the risk of further plant failures, the fallout and the effects of radiation.

The primary danger from exposure to dangerous levels of atmospheric radiation is very rapid absorption of radiation by the thyroid glands which can then distribute lethal doses throughout the body via the lymphatic system to all organs and systems. Many doctors are recommending potassium iodide as a preventive measure.  It is a non-prescription drug which effectively prevents the thyroid glands from absorbing radioactive fallout.

Personally, I prefer to use foods directly from nature as preventive medicine. Fortunately, nature provides us with powerful resources that can help counter the effects of radiation.  Seaweeds, such as kelp, provide protection against radiation.  Also chlorophyll-rich foods, such as spirulina, chlorella and wild blue-green micro algae, are known to counteract radiation.  Health stores carry tablets and drops that contain combinations of chlorella and spirulina for example.  The herb astragalus is known to  improve recovery time from radiation.

According to the author of Healing With Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford, you can counter the effects of radiation through common foods, such as panax and Siberian ginseng, garlic, barley-grass, buckwheat, apples, fresh sunflower seeds and lecithin.  The glucoside rutin found in buckwheat is what provides protection.  Apples and fresh sunflower seeds contain pectin, which binds radioactive residues and removes them from the body.

Pitchford further explains that an excellent external treatment from every form of radiation exposure is a bath of sea salt and baking soda.  This method is used by some radioactive isotope specialists to reduce their own bodily radiation.  He recommends 1 pound of both sea salt and baking soda to a warm bath, and soaking for 20 minutes, then rinsing with cool water.  Repeat three times a week for one month in cases of serious exposure.  Adding clay to the salt/soda bath is another decontamination procedure.  Some people will use ingest edible clays such as bentonite or French green clay.   I highly recommend Pitchford’s book; it empowers you to take responsibility for your health with knowledge and wisdom.

Take responsibility for your health and total well-being by becoming empowered with knowledge on every level.  Do your own research; do your own thinking.  Then, meditate on what you learn and make your own decisions.  Don’t depend on anyone out there—including the conventional “experts” to tell you what you should do.  And remember the power of quieting your mind and prayers.

Resources for more information: When An Ill Wind Blows From Afar:  http://www.ki4u.com

To wisdom.  knowledge and self-empowerment,

Mary Rivas