Monthly Commentary July 2009 —A Time For Accelerated Personal Transformation

The following is an excerpt from a very interesting commentary by Jose Stevens, Ph.D and Lena Stevens that I wanted to share with you.  It reveals what opportunities you can take advantage of during the month that will help you in your personal life, relationships and in business. For the full commentary, refer to their website listed at the bottom of this commentary.


The theme for July is HEAT.  This is not so much about weather and climatic heat but rather an energetic heat that pressurizes and accelerates everything from destruction, conflict, explosion, dissolving and decomposing;  to creation, healing, balance, growth and expansion. This acceleration produces change.

The pressure has been building for some time, both from within and from without. Now the results will begin to surface with the additional heat. Heat changes the molecular structure of most organic compounds. In order to become the new form, the original structure is destroyed. As a human being you are made up of molecules that are also susceptible to change. With growth and evolution there is destruction, expansion and change. The “heat” of the times is a necessary element for stimulating and accelerating the process of transformation occurring at this time on the planet.

The month focuses on the solar plexus and the sun. Both are masculine. The masculine element has been out of balance over the past several thousand years and now has potential to heal. Anger, competition, aggression, dominance, brutality and physical abuse are all negative expressions of the masculine and are intensified by heat. The process of healing these negative expressions may require seeing and acknowledging them for what they are.

Due to the heat of the times, we are likely to see some of these expressions surface both personally and globally. We are much better equipped now to make a choice to heal them than we were as a planet 100 years ago. We have a majority operating at a higher level of consciousness that will carry the day.

Watch for heated arguments, fights, conflict and violence to be more present.  It is up to us not to engage in continuing these expressions but rather to give them love and light that will forgive and transform.

This is an intense time marked by three eclipses, two this month and one in August. The intensity is heating things up and you will definitely feel the pressure building for action, change and movement in your life as well as witness this phenomenon in others. It is an incredible time to raise your life experience to the next level.

The key is the sun and working with its energy. The sun is a powerful being that regulates evolution on the planet. Spending time consciously in the sun and asking for its help in moving you to your next level will be an important practice this month. As usual it may require you to continue letting go of whatever is holding you back, but the result will be very freeing. Think of yourself as a plant that needs the sun to grow.

If you have prepared the soil correctly, fed and nourished the roots, this month can offer you a growth spurt like none you have ever experienced before provided that you continue weeding out the parasites that threaten to choke out the growth. The parasites and weeds are your false personality and limited thinking. They may also take the form of physical clutter, dysfunctional relationships and anything else you are attached to that keeps you from spirit.

Light is another important aspect of the month that should not be ignored. The frequency and quality of light that is available to us now has increased in intensity. Light can dissolve lower frequencies such as negativity, limited thinking, disease, imbalance, emotional and physical depression, anger and resentment. The sun carries light and light can be visualized.

A visualization of intense and brilliant gold light can be infused into anything that feels dark or seems like it is not working in your life. If you have a problem in your life that you cannot resolve, try visualizing an infusion of intense light into the picture of that problem. In this way you are giving over your attachment to working the problem out to Spirit.

Bringing in light, especially sunlight in through your eyes is a powerful exercise. This should be done very carefully as it is not recommended to stare at the sun directly. If you face the sun either around sunrise or around sunset times, you can face the sun directly with your eyes half lidded with the intention of absorbing solar energy. You body is like a battery and your eyes are like a solar panel. Your heart, solar plexus, palms of your hands and crown are also solar collectors. If you collect solar energy with intention and store it with intention you will be better equipped to meet the pressure of heat from the outside as you will be building your own pressure from the inside. This is not a time to be lazy when it comes to doing your practices. Laziness and lethargy will result in your feeling out of balance and overwhelmed by the energies pushing at you from the outside.

Because this month is so energetic, it will also be important not to load your plate with too many busy responsibilities that are not of spirit. Hard work that is of spirit will be supported and rewarded in ways you cannot even imagine.

But if you find yourself spinning your wheels, irritated and impatient, overworked and stressed out, playing out “have to’s” and “shoulds”, feeling like others are controlling your life, or succumbing to martyrdom, then you are on the wrong track. An adjustment may be needed. This is the time to act, to ask for help, to work with light and the sun, and to heat up your own inner furnace of creativity, essence desires and personal growth. Watch the false personality as it tries to convince you of what you cannot do and tries to turn you away from your spirit and essence driven intentions.

Pay attention to your electronic devices, internet and electrical systems. The solar activity and heat of the month has the potential to create weird havocs in electrical systems, communications and etheric technologies. You can infuse your electronic devices with light periodically to keep them upgraded energetically.

Personal Growth and Well-Being

There is great opportunity to build your personal foundation of power using the sun and light.  Make sure your intentions are of spirit otherwise the force of your actions could produce unwanted karma to deal with later. Here is an example.  If you are planning to leave a relationship that is not serving you, do not leave it in an angry, vengeful and destructive way. You would only be playing into the old paradigm of the destructive masculine. Extricate yourself from any situation or relationship in a way that is accepting, forgiving, loving and from the highest level of integrity.

Your motivation for all actions should be the highest good for all involved. Your greatest personal growth this month will come from your unwavering commitment to spirit and your conscious work with light and the sun and anything else you can do to continue raising your level of vibration.

Surround yourself with beauty, listen to uplifting music, and be around conscious people. Don’t ignore the signs of spirit for things that need to be eliminated or changed. Be patient.


This month can be tricky for relationships as relationships are the hotbed for karmic events and tend to attract drama in heated times. Watch that you do not take things personally as tempers may fly. As you witness and observe seemingly senseless behaviors of violence and conflict, be careful not to judge. Instead practice acceptance and forgiveness even though you may not fully understand how relationships could possibly play themselves out in such a dysfunctional manner.

People will need a lot of support. Be available for your community, your loved ones and family. It is not up to you to answer questions. In fact this is a time for the “don’t know mind”. But you can be of support by holding the light and working with the sun and reminding others to do the same. We are in a life course given by spirit. Sometimes the individual lessons make no rational sense but will become clear in the larger picture of our evolution. Be patient, loving, accepting and forgiving.

If you are in a relationships that does not serve you, this would be a good time to take some kind of definitive action and make some necessary changes. If you don’t, the pressure and heat of the times will cause the situation to become much worse.

Business, Partnerships, Economy

This is a great time to see results especially of projects that are ready to be birthed. The heat and solar energy gives everything that is right and ready to go a big boost. If you have been putting energy into your own work of spirit, this month could bring you much success in ways you could never have imagined. It may be important not to listen too closely to advice given by anyone who is still committed to the old paradigm of hierarchy and cause and effect.

Follow your own intuition even if it seems to go against what other would do. Old models and paradigms will continue to crumble, dissolve and literally burn up in the heat. Companies and business structures that have played out their useful life could literally self-destruct and internally combust. If you are in a job in an old model that is having problems, be aware that your time there may be short.

We could see some very sudden changes in structures that seemed solid and stable on the outside but that are at the point of dissolving on the inside. Remember not to take it personally if you suddenly find yourself free of employment. See it instead as an opportunity to create something better.

Physical Health and Well-Being

Due to the heat element of the month you may experience digestive issues such as more gas as your body attempts to balance the internal and external pressure. Watch for liver heat, skin rashes and general discomfort in the solar plexus area of the third chakra. This may show up as nausea, lighheadedness and even vomiting. This would be a sign of the solar plexis becoming over energized and wanting to expand beyond its comfort level. It could also be the third chakra wanting to release old patterns and imprints of the masculine.

Remember that the masculine energies are at work this month. To balance, eat cooling foods and yin foods such as cucumbers, fruit, lime juice, celery, parsley. Drink lots of water; keep your electrolytes up. Heat tends to dehydrate. Energetic heat will dehydrate energetically. Work with the element of water for balance. Be around water.

Because the heat accelerates everything, this is also a great month to accelerate whatever your healing process may be physically and emotionally. Work with the sun and then send that energy toward any part of your body that needs attention or is in the process of healing.

If you have an unwanted tissue such as cancer, send the destructive energy into it. If you have the absence of something such as bone, send creative energy into it. Either way have this energy infused with the heat and light of the sun.

Have a great month!

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