March 2011 Forecast–Get Ready!

The main theme for March is GET READY!

Subthemes we will be working with all month are preparation, action, forward movement, intensity, fortification, focus and discipline.

The image is that of anticipating a battle or a long winter or an extreme adventure or a huge move or any large event or permanent change. All of these require preparation, discipline, focus, a good plan, fortification, a serious commitment to your goal and hard work. You better know what you want and be willing to work hard for it. You better be disciplined about protecting yourself against the distractions of unimportant things and energy leaks that could derail the process.

The commitment theme of February moves into an action plan this month. The aggression/perseverance mode of the year could cause some irritability and impatience. Keep your eye on your own goals and do not let others get to you. The warrior casting comes to the forefront and uses the aggression/perseverance mode to accomplish what needs to be done. So if you are clear about what’s important and about where you are going, it could be a highly productive time. This is a no-nonsense month of hard work, staying focused, embracing your disciplines and setting boundaries against distractions.

Watch for the projections of others. The discomfort in facing one’s own issues may trigger behavior that uses the obstacles to project negatively onto you something from a deep personal process that has not been dealt with. For example you may find yourself becoming the good or bad sister, brother, father, mother or teacher especially if you are in a support position for the person. And you may have judgments thrown your way that actually represent something in the other person that has come up for their review and processing. So don’t take anything personally and watch your own tendencies to project onto others.

This is a big month with a huge engine of energy that can either thrust you into chaos or move you towards your goal more quickly than you could ever have imagined if you have all your ducks in a row. January’s theme of resetting priorities comes back to haunt, so if you did not do well with this task in January you get another chance this month. Know what you want. This knowing is not as much a knowing from the information you have but rather a knowing from what you know intuitively to be true. Making the right choices and decisions should have less to do with the information you have gathered or with what others think, than with what you feel inside. You still may not have a lot of mental clarity about how you will reach your goals as the mind cannot grasp what has not yet been created, but at least you can have clarity about what those goals are and the intent to actualize them.

“Is this really important? How important is this really in the larger scheme of things? Is it important to me?” will be the questions of the month and should be asked daily when faced with overwhelming decisions, distractions and responsibilities. This will help you with your priorities and will help keep you on track with eliminating energy leaks.

The element of fire is featured this month as opposed to the water theme we’ve been dealing with. The fire element will affect things externally as well as internally. Watch for fiery outbursts and heated arguments in the negative and sparks of enthusiasm and inspiration fueling the engine of creativity and action in the positive. This is an excellent month to recharge your body, mind and spirit through discipline, exercise, health maintenance, visiting power spots and upgrading something in your life. The upgrade could be anything from a new toothbrush to a new shirt to a new set of sheets to a new home, car or computer. Whatever it is, upgrade it with intention and gratitude for the opportunity to move to the next level. See it as a symbol of something bigger.

There is a deep desire for growth and for becoming bigger than the provincial and myopic view and experience of personal day-to-day life. The desire to advance and move to the next level can translate into a sudden idea to learn something new, join a cause, enroll in a study, or volunteer for a community project. We want to be better, to act better, to feel better, to move beyond our petty behaviors and miserly thoughts towards more generosity, forgiveness, flexibility, joy, strength, power, better health, wisdom and well-being. We are tired of being small, scared, powerless, asleep, ineffective, overlooked, weak, behind, confused, ambivalent, bitter, blaming and miserable. It is time to get over ourselves and become the larger minded global citizens we need to be if we are ever to advance and evolve. Give us something new, we say. Give us a new muse, a new inspiration, something to lift us up out of the “same old” and give us new hope. Give us something larger than ourselves to focus on, something to make us aware of the expanded container we suddenly find ourselves in. This desire manifests as a higher emotional state that can be accessed during some of the peak energetic times this month. Look for inspiration and move towards it as a reference point.

The bottom line is that this is a highly energized month to be taken seriously. Get your distractions, energy leaks and anything else that does not move you forward handled. Live from integrity, have good values, tell the truth and only go straight.

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The author of the monthly forecast, Lena Stevens, is an author and co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way To Success in Business and Life.

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