June 2010 Forecast

Because the month of June is such a fertile time, any new
ideas or projects inspired by spirit will find a
supportive foundation from which to grow. You may find
yourself inspired and motivated to begin something new or to
nurture something already in process. The expansive nature
of the times will help to grow what you are conceiving
faster and bigger than you can imagine. This is why it is
very important that you keep your focus on what is useful
and productive and not get distracted by worry, negative
thoughts or trying to please someone else’s agenda.

This is a great month for asking and receiving so be careful
what you ask for consciously or unconsciously because you are
likely to receive it in a very expansive way. Pay attention
to what you are receiving and know you have asked for just
that. So if you don’t like what spirit is bringing you, you
will need to clarify your intentions and focus on what you
truly want.

Everything this month has the potential to grow and expand.
If you are constantly worried about money, that worry will
expand and you could create even less abundance; if you are
focused on being overweight, you may gain even more weight;
if you are focused on what you have lost, you may lose even
more; if you are focused on how wonderful your life is, your
life may become even more expansively wonderful; if you can
focus on how incredibly prosperous and abundant you are,
spirit will expand that abundance even more.

It is imperative to discipline the mind to dwell on only the
things that are useful and you wish expanded in your life.
This is a very tall order but with very great rewards. The
expansive energy in the universe is neutral and does not
care one way or another what it expands. It will go with
whatever instructions it gets from you.

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.

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