July 2010– A Time of Crisis and Opportunities

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.

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Below is an excerpt from the July Forecast:

The main theme for July is CRISIS-OPPORTUNITY. This may seem
like a complete paradox however the influences of the times
are creating an intensity that will bring about crises that
present opportunities for major, sudden and complete change.
“CRISIS” is defined as a “decisive or crucial moment”.
“OPPORTUNITY” is defined as “a chance for advancement”, (in
this case a chance to advance to a higher level of

More than ever it is crucial to learn to rely on the
constant inner securities of opportunity in the midst of any
crisis, as it is just around the bend especially in these
times. In fact, opportunity almost requires a crisis to
precede it, in order to break the old patterns apart, as
completely as is necessary for permanent change.  Whether
from the inside or from the outside, crisis will present an
opportunity for transformation of some kind. Just remember
that a crisis need not be feared as a negative or bad thing.
If you see crisis as an energy that carries with it an
intensity to move, or transform in a big way, you will be
less fearful and anxious about it.

This month is loaded with opportunity. What is required is
to put the ego fears aside and to move forward when
opportunity presents itself. The opportunity in a situation
may not always be clear at first especially when the focus
is on the crisis.  Ask spirit to show you the real
opportunity behind the crisis and then be present and
conscious so you can recognize it when it shows up. The real
opportunity will be the transformation that will unfold in
many ways in your life.

This month is loaded with pitfalls as well. There will be a
great deal of chaos and confusion as your mind tells you one
thing and your spirit and heart another. They may fight with
each other, personality vs. essence. Give essence the floor
as it will win in the long run anyway. Watch blaming others
or blaming your circumstances and creating a story out of it
that continues to be fed. This is the do or die time frame
and the forces that are pushing this opportunity for
evolution of consciousness are ruthless and relentless. The
faster and more completely you can get with the program of
not letting the false personality have any say in how things
unfold, the easier the transition will be. This is not an
option. The decision was made a long time ago collectively
that this would be the time and here it is, like it or not.

In the midst of chaos, unraveling and confusion, the
discipline of focus is helpful. Focus counteracts chaos and
helps to organize energy. Even if the focus is not related
to the areas of chaos, but rather connected to spiritual
practices, cleaning the house or getting things on your list
crossed off, it will still help you to manage the chaos
psychologically and help you to ground yourself and feel
less scattered. Watch also for mood swings and fatigue mixed
with high levels of energy and enthusiasm that could lead to
either depression and lack of motivation and meaning, or
impulsive manic behavior. There is a bit of insanity
connected to these times that will require all of your self-
discipline to counteract.

This is a perfect opportunity to transform what you need to
transform. Sit with the choices that come up for you in a
crisis and be spontaneous but not irrational or impulsive;
take calculated risks and see change as a positive
opportunity at every turn.

Remind yourself daily that if you are at the receiving end
of someone’s reactionary behavior; anger, projection, blame,
praise, envy, demand etc., that this is not about you but
rather all about them and their process. At the same time,
if you find yourself in reaction to another, look inside
yourself and identify how this may be all about you and not
at all about them.

Just know that many buttons are being pushed in a big way
this month and reactions will go from being higher centered,
loving and open hearted to downright angry, nasty and
aggressively judgmental. Remember that this is the false
personality talking and has nothing to do with essence. If
things get too intense, take yourself out for some alone
time in nature and above all, try and be with people who are
on the same page as you. If you find yourself in a
reactionary state, do not judge or self deprecate, but
rather set strong boundaries around how much time you give
the false personality for its little tantrum. The learning
is about how quickly you can move out of these experiences
rather than eliminating them completely. We are only human
after all.