January 2010 Starting the Year Great!

The main theme for January is force.

Here is an excerpt from the monthly commentary:

Everything you think, do, say, feel and intend will have a
great impact on your environment, self and others. The
nature of these times promotes a greater understanding of
how force can be used to accelerate and express change.

We are truly moving into a time of magic and miracles. We all
dream of being able to create miracles and to do magical
things and this is the time to face that possibility without
fear. Unfortunately the collective need for security has
limited what we think is possible and now it will take a
tremendous force to break apart this collective structure of
limited thinking. So pay attention this month to what you
say, think, intend, feel and do.

Always see the silver lining in every situation and if you
can’t see it now, trust that it is there and that you will
be able to see it later.

Be as flexible as you can be this month. Be aware and pay
attention to your immediate environment. Do maintenance on
yourself and your environment as a way to keep in balance.
Pay attention to the signs around you. If your toilet stops
up, ask yourself what is stuck or where are you being
stubborn; if a pipe explodes, ask yourself what is causing
that much pressure in your life.

More and more we are evolving to a place of acknowledging
the interconnectedness of all things. So when things show
up in your life, pay attention and always ask what the
relationship is between your environment and yourself.

In this month’s forecast, Lena and Jose Stevens,Ph.D,
founders of an international school and consulting firm
dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and
wisdom, reveal influences and opportunities to take
advantage of.  Discover wisdom that can help you
tremendously in these changing times.

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Happy New Year.