How We Lose Our Personal Power and What We Can Do About It

It isn’t that a warrior learns powerful knowledge and wisdom as time goes by, but rather what he learns as time goes by is to save energy. This energy, which is ordinarily inaccessible to him, will enable him to create and experience the extraordinary in life…

This life philosophy is based on the teachings of Don Juan Matus, a shaman who dedicated his life to helping people access powerful ancient wisdom and experience the magic of life.

Everyone has the potential to live an amazing life.

We were all born with a vast amount of energy that, if not depleted, can absolutely be used to create amazing changes in our lives and help us live truly extraordinary lives.

The problem is as time goes by, we start to lose our personal power. We lose our inner power over time not because our body ages but because we simply haven’t been taught how to build and conserve our inner resources.

We lose huge amounts of energy when we allow ourselves to be drained from ordinary daily living. We get weighed down by heavy emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and self-doubts–emotions that deplete our vital energy.

When is the last time someone or some thing drained you of energy? People close to us in our lives, such as those at work and home, can be our greatest challenge and also our greatest teachers.

When our energy becomes depleted, we simply don’t have enough strength to take charge of our lives. Drained of energy, we stay in the same old rut day after day.

Ancient wisdom teaches that self-importance is one of man’s greatest enemies. What weakens us is feeling offended by the acts and misdeeds of others. Self-importance requires that we spend most of our life offended by something or someone. Simply stated, when we’re busy being offended, we lose our energy.

To achieve extraordinary results in life we must preserve our energy and build it up.

How to Preserve and Build Our Inner Power

A powerful way to preserve and increase our energy is by being impeccable with our thoughts. Our thoughts and beliefs have incredible power–they can empower us or drain us of vital energy.

It’s a simple formula: Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions lead to actions (or lack of actions), which lead to results.

What holds us back is what we’ve learned growing up. We never learned to question beliefs that we acquired growing up. We just accepted them. How many times were you told that “life is hard” or that “it’s not possible” or that “you don’t have what it takes” and on and on.

Our limited views of the world and ourselves came mostly from those close to us such as our parents, family members and friends but also from society. Most of the time, we’re not even aware of how we give our power away day-to-day through our thoughts and interactions with people.

Unless you’ve mastered awareness and self-observation, you’re holding limiting and false beliefs about yourself that are keeping you stuck without even knowing it.

One clue to know if you are indulging in thoughts that disempower you is to observe how many thoughts you have that are fear-based. Fear-based thoughts include those that are tied to worries, anxieties, hurt-feelings and feelings of discouragement.

When you learn to develop awareness, you’ll let go of old limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve you. And, when you do, you’ll start living life on a totally new level and experience amazing changes in your life. It’s not impossible or hard, just different.