How to quickly change your brain waves & create positive results!

brain waves change with soundCan goals, such as wealth, creativity, greater self-confidence and memory improvement be realized more easily by changing our brain waves?

The answer is yes! All our thoughts start out as brain waves, specific frequencies. And like radio waves, our thoughts can be transmitted from our minds to the universe.  The universe responds to repetitive and consistent thoughts, especially when they are empowered.

You can empower your thoughts and goals in meditative states using “envisioning”.  In The Warrior Spirit, I explain how to help speed up the manifesting process by “envisioning” your goals during deep meditative states, such as Theta.   Slower brain wave states, such as Theta, provide many benefits beyond helping you manifest.  In fact, all of the brain waves (e.g., Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) have their distinct benefits.  There are many ways we can create specific brain waves.  Sound is one way.

Modern science has shown that sounds affect brain waves.  Why is this important?

Brain wave frequencies affect our mental, emotional and physical well being. Sounds are waves, which can be measured as frequency.  (Frequency is measured in Hertz “Hz” units; it’s the number of waves that pass by per second).  Studies have demonstrated, for example, that when people listen to sounds that are in the Theta range (4.0- 7.0 Hz), they enter a deep meditative state & tend to have greater visualizations, inspiration &  insights than when they are in the ordinary waking state of Beta.

While meditative states are enormously valuable, higher frequency states, such as Beta/Gamma, also provide their own benefits, different benefits. If you want to enhance your mind abilities when you’re at the office or working on your computer or doing analytical work that requires use of your logical mind, you can benefit from high-alert states, such as Beta/Gamma.  The most rapid frequency brain waves we know are Gamma (about 40.0 Hz and higher).  Gamma brain waves are associated with bursts of insights, high-level information processing and certain cognitive activities, such as analysis and math.

We can create desired states by listening to certain frequencies that are aligned with that which we want to realize.

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We all can train ourselves how to reach desired states easily by using the power of sound to positively affect our brain waves and entire being.

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