How To Manifest More Quickly–Tips and Guidelines For September

Below is an excerpt from a monthly commentary by Lena and Jose Stevens, Ph.D, founders of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and  everyday life. It reveals opportunities you can take advantage of this month to eliminate stress and improve your personal life, relationships, work and health. For the full commentary, refer to their website listed at the bottom of this commentary.

September 2009

There is an action quality to this month that really gets things moving and one of the qualities of the new vibration is how immediately you can make things happen if your intentions and actions are aligned. The quantum field is more accessible than ever and the opportunity to raise the quality of life on every level is immense. It will however take discipline and hard work.

Think of discipline as an energy rather than as a negative restriction on your freedom. Making friends with discipline this month will be key to your ability to manifest your dreams into physical reality. The Big Picture theme of August has made a new frequency available.

How we make use of it will be up to each one of us. Because it is a NEW frequency there is no manual or neat little guidebook that will tell you exactly what to do however using the themes and influences of the month as guidelines will help.

This month is all about your physical environment and paying attention to everything that is physical in your life: your home and other environments, your body, your stuff, anything you own or interact with, and all of your routines around your physical possessions and manifestations.

In order for the physical environment to keep up with the changes in energy and vibrational upgrades, it will need attention. To the degree that you are being disciplined about how you manage your environment and your routines and practices, the messages you put forth to spirit about what you wish to manifest will be clearer. If you have chaos, too many things on your plate, ambivalence, too many energy leaks, weak boundaries, old food in your fridge, a messy house, a dirty car, poor hygiene and poor personal body care, the universe will take that as a sign to feed you more of the same. This month it is really time to “clean up your act”. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help. The way you manage your physical environment will translate to how you will manifest new things in your life.

September is about hard work and working hard. Not in a negative way but in a self -directed, disciplined and positive way in which you end up feeling greatly rewarded. Little actions can manifest into big results.

All the negatively imprinted constructs around discipline and hard work need to change and become a delightful responsibility instead of a dreaded imprisonment. Make your discipline a game, make your hard work play. Enlist the help of others and help others when you can. Watch the impatience especially when you look and the very LONG list of what needs to be done to bring balance into the management of your physical environment. There is plenty of time. The discipline here will be to believe that statement and not to become irritated at your own conditions.

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