The Deeper Secrets To Manifesting Wealth and Health

People who experience extraordinary accomplishments in life
positively use the power of their minds.  Some achieve
success by being fully aware of this inner power while others
do so unconsciously.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz,famous reconstructive and cosmetic facial
surgeon, international lecturer and author of best-selling
self-help books, consciously used his inner mind not only to
achieve huge personal successes but also to help thousands
of patients.  He coined the phrase “Theatre of the Mind” to
represent a place you can mentally go to in order to strengthen
your self-image and heal emotional and psychological wounds.

Napolean Hill, famous author of Think and Grow Rich, advised
people to seek guidance from helpers in one’s mental laboratory to
help achieve financial goals.

The list of famous, and not so famous people, who have
discovered their inner power and achieved huge successes in
their lives goes on and on.

The name doesn’t matter.  Call it Theatre of the Mind,
Mental Lab, Sub-conscious Mind or Theta Mind.  It’s the know-how of
being able to connect with your inner power that matters.

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