What’s the best way to fight fear?

Fear is inertia.  It’s a reluctance to change direction or a lack of energy that keeps you stuck.

The way to fight fear is simple.  Each and every time you find yourself at a crossroads, and you know that the only thing keeping you from moving forward is fear, then you should head in that direction—even if your fear seems too big to handle.  To turn back is to be defeated.  If you choose to be defeated, you’ll remain scared until your dying days.

When you have a feeling that resembles fear, track it.  That is, ask questions and pay close attention to what you discover.  Find out its origin.  Maybe you just need a refresher in learning how to jump over the obstacle.  Listen to your body as you keep asking questions.  Why am I feeling scared?   What would make me feel calmer about this situation?  What led me to be at this place today?

Keep building momentum to jump over the obstacle.  Keep building your personal power.  Fighting fear will do this.