How To Be Your Own Medicine–The Power Of Healing Foods & Ice!

image_healing_foodsWith the rising cost of medical care and increasing deceit and malpractice, we absolutely must take charge of our health and educate ourselves to be our own medicine.

Did you know that medical errors is the third leading cause of death in the US?*  That alone is enough reason to want to prevent medical treatment!

Being your own medicine is the essence of preventive medicine.  When we educate ourselves about healing foods and natural supplements, we not only can prevent disease, we can also be empowered to take an active role in our health if we seek traditional medical treatment.

I recently met a woman who is taking blood pressure medication, and she confided that ever since she started taking the medication, her hair has been falling out and she felt horrible about that!  With just a little bit of research, I learned that certain foods and supplements, such as protein-based foods and vitamin E, could decrease the hair loss effects of her medication.  Of course, there are also foods and exercises that can help to naturally lower hypertension, making it possible to reduce medication as well.

The medical cartel does not want us to empower ourselves and for us to be our own medicine.  It’s a business and system that ultimately controls people.

Being your own medicine would strip the $3.5 trillion healthcare system of profit, power and control.

At a minimum, we can learn how to use natural foods and supplements to strengthen our health, decrease symptoms and support our body’s natural healing system.

One way we can empower ourselves is through online education that includes a range of knowledge from integrative medical doctors and holistic practitioners.  With just a little help from online courses, you can easily find out how to reverse many diseases without toxic and expensive medication.

Knowing how to use the healing power of foods is key to building a foundation of health.

And….you can always take it to the next level when you’re ready!

When I think of the next level, I think of the Iceman.

Who’s the Iceman?

I’m referring to Iceman Wim Hof.

image_icemanWim Hof (aka Iceman) is internationally renowned for his countless ice endeavors that range from being up to his neck in a cilinder filled with ice cubes for over 90 minutes, swimming a distance of 50 meters under polar ice, running a marathon barefoot to climbing the Kilimanjaro in nothing more than a pair of shorts.

He has shown how the human body is capable of healing through the use of the cold and breathing techniques.   Wim teaches how we can influence the autonomic nervous system and immune system using the cold and breathing practices.

A key to preventing illness is by strengthening the immune system.

Did you know that cold exposure works like weight lifting?

That’s right.  Take a super cold shower and work your muscles!

Wim Hof explains that there are little muscles around your veins that contract when they get into contact with the cold. After some time (only 1-2 weeks) these become stronger, making your veins healthier and reducing the force that your heart has to use to pump blood around your body.

You can increase exposure over time. “At one point the cold will feel just as comfortable as wearing your favorite pajamas,” says Wim Hof.

He provides free tips on his website.  One is to take cold showers.  Have you noticed how you feel amazing after a cold shower and sluggish after a warm one.

The Iceman teaches how the cold can not only increase your health but also your inner power.  For Wim Hof, it’s not about “coping with the cold”.  The cold is not a goal in itself.  The cold is just a mirror. A mirror for your health & inner power.

I haven’t taken Iceman’s courses yet…  I admit freezing temperatures make me nervous.  Yet I find his courses super fascinating!

Whether you advance your health knowledge learning about healing foods or you do extraordinary practices, such as Iceman’s method, you will positively benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually!  By taking responsibility for your health and life, you empower yourself at your core.


*The Washington Post (“Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States,” May 3)

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