Discover How the Month of June Can Help You Achieve Success

June Forecast 2009

I highly recommend this free monthly commentary (below) written by two amazing life coaches who have a mastery of shamanism.  Fortunate for us they provide it for free every month at  Read on and discover what opportunities exist for you this month and how you can take advantage of them to have an exciting, inspiring and satisfying June.  Enjoy!


The theme for June is DETERMINATION. In part it is the response to your own determination to commit to and stick with something that you have chosen and that is important to you. And in part it will be about observing what in your life has taken root with determination and showing up in ways that you cannot ignore.

The image is that of old asphalt that has served its useful life and now is full of cracks. In those cracks various seeds have fallen, lodged themselves unseen, absorbed water and begun to sprout. Some have taken root and have absorbed the critical mass of whatever energy they need to be determined to grow and survive.  This is how it is with aspects of your life; perhaps ideas, new directions, projects, relationships, perceptions and many things you may not yet be able to identify. The old asphalt has had its use as a foundation for something no longer useful.  What is important, as you observe what is taking root in the cracks, is that you resist trying to fix the cracks but rather nurture the plants that are taking root. This may mean that what the asphalt was used for no longer applies. So instead of pulling out the new growth as something that does not belong there, nurture the new growth and see it as symbolic to something in your life that is trying to become rooted and grow. If this image is confusing to you, understand it with your heart first instead of your mind. Ask to see or feel the image of what is taking root in your heart, what wants to grow in the cracks of the old asphalt.

The beauty of this month is that what is taking root will be very obvious. It will be the idea, person, experience, or desire that does not leave you alone. It will be the thing that seems to collect and gather energy despite what you do or don’t do. So observe what seems determined to happen or not happen despite your intentions. Pay attention and watch for signs. Determination is not effort. It is a focus without distraction, even a discipline, but it is not an effort. Usually what takes effort is something that is not ready to unfold on its own.

This month pay attention to those things that are ready to unfold on their own and recognize that it is your intentions that planted the seeds in the first place. They have now absorbed enough chi, sunlight, emotion, thought, intention and higher vibration to root and become real. Without judgment, observe and consider that these determined pieces that are showing up have a valid reason to be in your life. You do not need to know why. It will become clear to you as time goes by.

The determination that is self-generated has to do with recognizing your important choices and being determined to do what it takes to reach a desired goal or intention around those choices. There are aspects to this month that support a level of perseverance that will help the quality of determination.

Determination is an energy or force you put behind something, like an engine. It is a focus without distraction that can move you towards what you really want out of life. Any distractions to this focus that do show up will be irritating and could un-ground you and cause impatience. For example if you have determined that meditation in the morning is very critical to your well-being, then any distraction to that practice from you or others would be highly irritating. You could feel guilty about taking the time; you could feel angry about the disruption from the outside. Good boundaries and discipline with the determination to keep them is what you will need in this case.

There will be a need to prioritize especially at times this month when faced with too many options. This will be another good practice in boundaries. Pay attention to where you should say yes and where you should say no. Watch the fear reaction of wanting to slow things down or digging in your heels in a stubborn attempt to stay change. Things could get overwhelming and chaotic and you may not know where to put your energy. You could suffer from too many things on your plate. The remedy for this is to know what your priorities are and to use determination as an ally. It may be important to scrutinize your priorities and to review which ones are real and which ones are simply old habits. You will have many opportunities to practice balancing the old with the new and to see what plants to nurture in that cracked asphalt.

It is important to find beauty in the old and to be inspired by the new. As life continues to unfold at the speed of light, you may feel there is hardly time for cherishing the moments and appreciating what you have in the present. There has been a tremendous amount of very deep healing in the past several months at a level not always tangible and understood. As old patterns and issues are worked out and let go, nostalgia may bring sadness and a host of feelings and sentimentality. Let it be there without the need to understand it or trace the origins. Some of it may not even be yours.

Beware once again of becoming too sympathetic with the plight of others and matching patterns of misery. Don’t get mired in sympathy, as it will not serve you. Your best service to all your relations is to keep a clear, strong and neutral heart without judgment or reaction. If everyone jumps out of the boat to save the ones drowning, there will be no one left at the helm. It is better to throw out the lifeline of your own example. It is up to them to grasp and hold on by matching your higher vibration.

The difference between determination and stubbornness is that determination is a forward moving force that says yes and can support what is growing. Using determination to keep yourself from falling into old habits and addictions should always be focused in the movement away from that which you wish to change.

Make sure you are substituting something positive for everything you are trying to change that is negative in your life. Put determination behind the substitution. Stubbornness is a blocking energy that says no and puts up a boundary that is too strong and inappropriate. It is a fear response and not a forward moving energy. The way to tell the difference is the fear. Determination has the higher vibration of enthusiasm, hope, excitement and looking forward to something. Stubbornness has the lower vibration of fear and mistrust and will only lead to negative thoughts and depression. Be aware of this in yourself as well as in others this month and remember not to take things personally.

Look around and see who is with you, what is in your life, what is coming your way easily and with energy behind it, what is leaving, and what is not leaving you alone. If you hear from someone you have not heard from in a long time, pay attention. If you are guided to a book, an event, or a teaching, think about saying yes, rather than no. Determine what is determined to come your way and determine what you need to be more determined about.

This is a great month to go through a growth spurt as living, growing things often do at this time of year. This growth spurt may be your business, your personal spiritual development, your family, your relationship, any project you are developing, improvements in your practices and your health. The key is to be committed and determined.

If you are ambivalent and wishy-washy and waiting for someone else to give you the green light, you are likely to feel pulled into the chaos of too many directions. The direction and choices need to come from you. Otherwise there is a danger of this very focused quality of determination to be like a rogue missile, attaching itself to the wrong thing.

Beware also of anything that causes you to be obsessed or obsessive. Determination should feel right and should feel comfortable, like you are doing a good thing.  So be determined every day to live that day fully present and in gratitude for what is determined to be in your life.


  • To acknowledge the germination and roots of all the seeds you planted and to move forward in an accelerated growth.
  • To make incredible strides in your personal well being on all levels.
  • To experience a great movement forward where pieces of your life have been stuck.
  • To forge great new partnerships, rekindle old relationships, and deepen your commitments.
  • To be determined, excited, inspired, productive and satisfied with life.


  • To succumb to the fear that things are moving too fast.
  • To act from stubbornness, thus blocking the flow.
  • To fail to prioritize what’s important, thus being at mercy of others intentions and desires.
  • To end up feeling isolated, rejected, self-deprecating, martyred and run by your old, bad habits.
  • To over identify with your external world and feel unsatisfied, stressed, worried and a failure.


This month provides for a continuation of deep healing on old issues, especially old childhood events and experiences that need forgiveness. Use the determination to stick with whatever process you happen to be in. Acknowledge the teachers and helpers along the way, especially if you ask for them and they show up in whatever way they show up.

It is very important that you prioritize spiritual practice and deepening your relationship to spirit as we enter even deeper into a time when the inner points of reference will become the only ones you can rely on. Use the determination of the month to solidify your commitment to spirit and to your own well being.

Use good boundaries to protect yourself from the fear, mistrust and misery you see in others. Have compassion but do not match the energy of it.


This is an interesting month for relationships. The determination theme may show itself in new commitments, and a reworking of your social framework to fit more of who you are and whom you want to be around. Use discipline and determination to stay away from toxic people. Remember that the lifeline you can throw others is the success and progress of your own personal growth. It is up to them to grab in. So stay in the boat. You are needed at the helm.

You may see surprising choices of those around you regarding their relationships. People you thought would be together forever suddenly deciding to part ways, and other unlikely pairs getting together. There is definitely a stirring of the pot. What becomes clearer to older souls is that relationships that are not on the same page in terms of their spiritual practices will have a short life and will not be able to move into a deeper place. As the inner life becomes more important, it cannot be ignored.


This could be an incredibly productive, lucrative, prosperous month with many ideas and productivity-moving forward fueled by determination. This is an area where it is very important to look and see what wants to grow and to honor that. If there is an attachment to something that does not want to grow, you may need to let it go. Watch for times when you may feel overwhelmed with too many things on your plate. If this happens, it is time to prioritize and to delegate. Stay focused but with an open and flexible heart and mind to allow that which you cannot imagine to come in and take root.

Some of you will end the month involved in something wonderful, perhaps a new business or partnership that you never would have conceived possible. It is important to keep track of the details especially during the higher centered and inspired times. If you have not yet done your taxes or are behind in your filing, take the time to do it or delegate. It will be important to keep the integrity of your physical plane structure somewhat grounded.

Say yes to opportunities that seem to fall into your lap no matter how far in left field they seem. There is a higher vibration behind those plants determined to root in the cracks of the asphalt. This is month to explore and expand your own envelope.


A great month to take your personal health into your own hands with a determination to get and stay healthy no matter what it takes. Once you commit to this, pay attention to the determined support that comes into your life. It is also a good month to exercise more and move the body to increase the circulation. Drink plenty of water and pay attention to your eating habits. Try to do everything very consciously and pay attention to where you act out of habitual behaviors. Ask yourself if they still serve you. If not, be determined to do something else.

Watch for stubborn reactions in the body. These would show up in lower back tension and pain, in the hips and in the jaw. The kidneys will also be vulnerable this month as they deal with fear. Eat red foods, beets, berries, and kidney beans. Create a practice around your physical well being this month.

Get some help whether it is a weight loss group or a 12-step program or a good gym or an acupuncturist or other alternative practitioner to support you. If you have been putting off dental work, this would be the month to focus and at least make a plan for it. Remember that teeth and bones hold the oldest deepest ancestral and childhood patterns. Everything you came in with this lifetime is stored in those hard places.


Be prepared for lots of movement, whether in the air, earth or water. Because of the determination, weather patterns could last longer: storms, cooling or heating trends, times of more or less moisture. There may be weather phenomena that causes fear reactions and triggers old instinctive survival issues. Sometimes it is important to open up the instinctive center in order to clean out old information. Behind the scenes there are great inventions, understandings and innovations in energy and environmental management that are being discovered and practiced. It is just a matter of time before these become manifest to the public in a way that everyone can use. Meanwhile, there is still much posturing and negotiations regarding resources and how to own, divide and use them.

One of the practices you can set a new determination around is the practice of recycling. Pay attention to your waste and be responsible for it. It is an important step in living your life with integrity. 


Many things finally move ahead. Some will be great while some will not be great. Places in the world where there is violence will find a new determination to keep fighting. There may be a renewed commitment to religious fervor behind certain battles. Those who are really attached to being right will be even more determined to be right and to punish or annihilate those they believe are wrong. We could even feel some terrorist intentions brewing under the surface. It is best not to worry and go into fear mode about these things but to stay in the positive and give energy to those things that you want to grow. Remember that whatever receives your thoughts and focus will grow in power.

Important Dates:

June 1-7: Look around and see what is in your life. Prioritize, organize, catch up with your details, pay attention and notice what is taking root in the cracks of the old asphalt. Be very aware of the old asphalt and what it represents for you. Notice where it is crumbling, where pieces are not falling into place or where something is not happening. Honor and accept it and turn your attention to what is new. Be excited about the possibilities. Begin a practice or strengthen an old one. Pat yourself on the back for all the work you have done. Keep disciplined and focused on whatever process you are still in, healing old wounds and childhood issues.

June 7: Full Moon at 12:12 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Pay attention to and ask for help from spirit in finding the right balance between the old and the new in your life. Honor the asphalt. Even as it crumbles, it does provide safety and a container for the new roots and the new growth. Eventually it will have to be removed completely but for now it is still useful. Spend some time making a list or just contemplating what is old and crumbling but still around and what is new and sprouting. Honor the old but put energy into the new.

June 8-15: A time for discipline and commitment. Prioritize based on what you want rather than what others want or think you should want. The commitment is as much to yourself and who you are as it is to your determined list of priorities. Look around and see what is showing up in a very determined way and acknowledge it as something you planted the seeds for. This is time of setting the stage for incredible movement. The key is to have your priorities straight.

June 15-19: This could be a rather chaotic time, where too much lands on your plate, and things seem to be going too fast. If you have managed to prioritize according to what is important to you, you will have an easier time sorting the chaos. Watch the instinctive reaction to pull back and go into stubbornness and fear of change. Beware of fear reactions in others and be determined not to match them. There may be global man made or natural events during this time that could trigger certain anxiety or fear. Those that are uncomfortable with not being in control of their external environment will have the hardest time of it. It will very important to do whatever you can to stay anchored in your spiritual practices, determined and committed to your path. Remember the cracks in the asphalt are necessary.

June 20: Summer Solstice at 11:46 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is an excellent time to launch a new level of functioning for yourself. This is a time of reaching for a higher vibration, setting new commitments and getting support for your determined path. Make sure you are with those you want in your life and set boundaries against what does not serve you. Do some kind of ritual or ceremony around leaving the past behind and moving into a new experience of life at its grandest. This is especially a good time to clear away old ancestral patterns that are of a lower frequency.

June 21-26: Riding high on the solstice energy, take this opportunity to work with spirit and anchor and root something new for yourself. The determination energy is strong and you will need to pay attention and focus it in the direction you want. Many breakthroughs are possible moving you forward and ahead. Watch the distractions and all the ways false personality tries to sabotage your deeper connection to spirit where all things are possible. Stay away from toxic people and situations that may try and harness determination for negative purposes. Physical exercise will be important during this time.

June 22: New Moon at 1:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Discipline and focus will keep you from believing old fears and reliving old wounds. If something surfaces for you, know that it is on its way out. Get some perspective through your support system and be determined to go through it to the other side rather than get stuck in resistance. This is a day you should take for yourself. Stay away from anything that does not feel good to you. Re-commit to your determination to raise yourself above the old, low frequency patterns and belief systems. Be in nature. Take a walk with a friend or a dog.

June 27-30 (actually through July 4): A time to handle details and put some energy into new physical structures that may have manifested during this determined time. If you have been avoiding a situation or a person that keeps coming into your life, you should deal with it during this time. It is also a time to celebrate the manifestation of projects, prosperity, partnerships, relationships, health, practices, understandings and choices that are new and wonderful in your life. Yes, there are still things that are not right in this world but it is more powerful to focus on the things that are right. In this way, they will take hold with deep roots and support the changes we all desire.

Have a great month!

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