Expansion, Magic and Discipline

This month we have a triad of expansion, magic and discipline —all working together to provide an incredible opportunity for accelerated growth, change and manifesting.

The themes may seem paradoxical and even contrary to each other but their cooperative alignment will support creativity and manifestation in ways you could never have imagined.

This is finally the opportunity we have been waiting for, to break through the limitation of how our belief systems identify what is possible and what is not.

All three themes are equally as important this month and your challenge will be to dance with them in harmony and balance, while staying focused on the limitless potential of what is possible. It is extremely important that you not get lost in other peoples drama, suffering and chaos. And remember you can only help yourself and be the best example you can be.


We are being prompted to move beyond our comfort zone, to experience something beyond the physical plane, to accept what our mind cannot grasp rationally, to stretch our container of what we can have and create in this life, and to give and receive more than we ever thought possible in this life.

The pot has been stirred and great movement is afoot. The challenge will be to keep the mind from trying to identify and define concretely just exactly what is going on. It wants to know. It wants the manual. It wants to be in control. This is a fear response to the unknown. You need to reassure your mind that spirit has your back and that it does not need to know, it just needs to trust.

Expansion always brings the potential for higher centered experiences of truth, love and energy. This includes great beauty, inspiration, and the heightening of all your senses and intuition. In order to tap into and experience the higher centers you will need to be available, which may mean eliminating your distractions and energy leaks. It may be time to break away from people and behaviors that have kept you living small. This is the opportunity for making a bid for power to live BIG if you are ready for it.

Everyone has something they feel limits them, some area of their life that feels restricted or that does not flow easily. It could be in the area of relationships or money or health or personal power. This is often also the area where major life lessons are being learned and the area where breakthroughs are needed. Moving into expansion takes discipline and part of the discipline will be to eliminate doubt, negativity, skepticism and the need to know.

How to work with EXPANSION

You must make time to just BE. Expansion is not action, pushing or effort to build something bigger. It is the process of allowing and receiving. It is opening the pores of your belief systems and energetic patterning. You become more porous in order to receive that which will expand you into the next level of vibration from which place you can create something new and magical. Expansion is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Discipline. (more on this in the monthly support Mp3)

The other important aspect of Expansion is the balance of knowing when to focus that energy into something aligned with your personal intentions. This requires a trust in right timing as well as eliminating such things as procrastination, laziness, and the resistant voice of the false personality.


The theme of Discipline is equally as important as Expansion as it gives you grounding and focus this month. It is easy to lose oneself in the expansion. It’s the discipline that focuses the energy and uses it to manifest. You will have to watch for procrastination and the desire for instant gratification as obstacles to appropriate discipline and grounded focus. This is energetic discipline that requires a practice and clear intentions but that also leaves room for the unexpected and magical to happen.

Expansion can make you feel slightly ungrounded, scattered and directionless. Without focus and discipline, expansion can turn into an energy that balloons out in unwanted places such as drama, negativity, illness, and physical weight. Some of the discipline this month will be focused on staying positive no matter what. It is the positive that needs to be fed and needs to be allowed to expand into even more positive experiences.

This is not the negative connotation of discipline as a consequence to some bad behavior but rather a committed agreement of responsibility that shows up as a physical set of practices helping to focus and organize your physical universe and keep you grounded.
The word Discipline can bring up reactions of resistance to authority especially with those that have stubbornness. The Discipline theme this month invites you to become your own authority and commit to your own set of practices that will keep the expansion focused and balanced.

Discipline is the masculine counterpart to the feminine energy of Expansion. Discipline is action, focus, intention, commitment, resolve, courage and showing up. Good discipline in service to Expansion will always be rewarded with magically manifesting your intentions.

How to bring in DISCIPLINE

It is very important this month to have a regular practice. Whether it is a daily walk at a certain time, a space for prayers and visualizations, a spiritual routine, something for your body like yoga or exercise or some other practice that sets the day right for you, make sure that it becomes routine as this will keep you grounded.
Fortunately this month we have lots of astrological support for the theme of discipline with the influence of Saturn as well as numerous retrogrades that keep the expansion from being overly explosive.

Clarity of intention is also a key in working with discipline. You have to be inspired by your goals and dreams enough that the discipline seems a small price to pay. What do you want? How do you want your life to be? (more on this in the Mp3)


As the secret ingredient this month, MAGIC is the fairy dust, the blessing and the unexpected event that should not have been easily possible according to your rational mind. Magic is the byproduct of allowing expansion to take place and having a clear dream and intention driving your discipline. It is what comes as a bleed through from the astral plane and what infuses your experience with a positive surprise and a true connection to the higher planes.

In this case we use the term Magic as a positive influence and do not connect it with any negative connotations of doing evil or bringing in unwanted dark energies. When you think of a magical experience, it is usually one where everything seemed to align itself with the best possible scenario along with unexpected beauty, love and a better outcome than originally prepared for. Often there is an element of surprise and sometimes even uncanny synchronicity.

Magic always uses the astral plane to bring through what is outside the box of the collective agreement of what physical reality usually provides. Enough of these experiences will eventually shift the collective agreement to include an expanded view of reality and a new belief system that includes so much more.

How to bring in MAGIC

Expect the unexpected and always focus on the positive. Pray for amazing things and experiences and opportunities to show up in your day. Acknowledge the magic that already exists while you watch the colors of a sunset or listen to the song of a bird.
Create practices that allow for magical experiences such as taking time to listen to the message of a tree or a plant or a cloud.
Beware of obsessive thinking and micromanaging your experiences with mental hyper vigilance. Leave room for spontaneity. And keep a “don’t know mind”.

In order for permanent and positive change and evolution to occur, the new expanded container and paradigm needs to be anchored. Magic helps with this. Experiences that seem magical and out of the ordinary will eventually be seen as “normal” as we evolve.

How the month shows up:


This is an amazing time for bids for power as well as personal growth. This would be the month to finally sign up in a big way for something you have only dreamed about and possibly never thought you would manifest in this lifetime. Whether a beautiful relationship, the perfect job, incredible health, fabulous creative expression, or all the love and support you never allowed yourself to have, this is the time to make that bid.

The bid is the committed intention to allow the expansion of what you believe to be true to break through to another level allowing for great change to occur. The discipline required is simply to keep from sliding into negative thoughts of doubt, limitation, blaming others and lack of responsibility. This is your life and the whole thing is entirely up to you. You decide.

There are always baby steps to take on any path. Once you find the first one and have the courage to take it, you are well on your way. More often than not, the first step is asking for help. Remember that a bid for power always leads you to something new and if it is new, you don’t know about it in any rational way yet. So ask for help from someone who knows just a bit more than you do as a first step.


Probably the most powerful influence on relationships this month will be the experience of the higher centers in relationship and the possibility for deeper essence contact. This can be a frightening place for some to go and you will very quickly find out who is willing and able to go the distance and who is not. As usual, when there is a possibility for a relationship to move to a new level of partnership and intimacy, there is also the possibility for the ones that cannot follow to fall by the wayside.

If you experience someone falling away, perhaps even someone you thought you had a strong bond with, do not take it personally. It is important to take responsibility in your relationships for your part in change but not to take other peoples reactions personally. If your need to please overrides your inner truth, you will limit your own growth and expansion. It is also crucial to understand that you cannot bring someone along if they are not ready to come. You cannot do someone else’s lessons or karma for them. You can only do your own work and be a good example.


A good month for bids for power.
A good month for expansion.
A good month for the discipline of paying attention to details. A good month for reorganizing.
A good month for revisiting goals and expanding your sense of what is possible.
A GREAT month for asking for some MAGIC.
A fabulous month for working on your prosperity and abundance in finances.
A timely opportunity to dream big, get some magical support for your projects and practice manifesting beyond the box.

Partnerships may need adjusting as some may not be able to keep up, and projects may need revising especially if they are too limited in their vision. Paying attention to the details and keeping good discipline will be key to keeping things on track.
If you are in the wrong work, partnership or business, it will become obvious. Take responsibility and make a change before a change makes you and you become the victim. Don’t take things personally.
You will know when you are on the right track, as the universe will provide more than you expected…

* * * *

The author of this commentary, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of shamanism and wisdom.  Lena Stevens has co-authored books with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., such as Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You.  Lena and Jose’s website ishttp://www.thepowerpath.com

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