Do This To Be Fit To Receive

Sphere of Giving & ReceivingDuring holidays, we tend to focus on giving to others and that’s great… Actually, giving is necessary. The essence of life—breathing—is both a giving (exhaling) and a receiving (inhaling).

The truth is you must give to receive.  This is the type of universe we live in.

I’m not just referring to giving money or physical gifts.  You can give others your time, encouragement and inspiration…. But you must be fit to give.

That’s why you must give to YOURSELF—give yourself gifts that nurture your mind, heart, body and —above all—your Spirit. Empowering yourself from the inside will make you fit to give. When you take care of YOU, you become stronger in every way to give more to others—financially and otherwise.

As we give, we receive. The universe is a series of circuits where energy flows in a sphere. Think of the particles of the atom in their orbits. Everything comes full circle.  Nature teaches us many lessons in how to live!

Before the year is over, give to yourself—but not just any gift. Give yourself something that will help to strengthen you at your core—something to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom. It could be anything from a book, to an online spiritual class or a nature retreat.

Personally, I’ve found that nature retreats (at least for a few days) have been some of the most powerful gifts I’ve given to myself.  Once I even took several months off to live in a beautiful hacienda in a breathtaking mountain town. That was definitely empowering and super inspiring!  So much so that… it led to me creating the audio program The Warrior Spirit:  How To Use Hidden Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More!

The Warrior Spirit helps you discover your inner power to create and to receive. Though it was created to help you achieve financial and personal goals, it serves a greater purpose.  It helps you to discover your Warrior Spirit –that force within you that is always there to guide you.  It’s a sacred gift from the Creator that not only guides us in infinite ways but protects us.

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