December 2010 Forecast–How Will This Month Play Out?

In this month’s forecast, Lena Stevens, author and co-founder
of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to
the study and application of shamanism and wisdom, reveals
influences and opportunities to take advantage of.

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Below is an excerpt from the commentary.

The theme for December is MAINTENANCE.

This is a month of putting time and energy into all those aspects of your life that require maintenance at this time. Maintenance is not only about changing the oil in your vehicle or drain opener in your pipes, although that may be right on target for some of you. Maintenance also refers to your physical and emotional health, your home, your spiritual life, your relationships, your car, your things, your work environment, your routines, practices and disciplines. This is an excellent time to review what is out of balance or has been neglected and to take action or make a plan to take action. It is a good time to scrutinize your environment to notice what is broken or in need of cleaning, elimination or an upgrade.

December is characterized by an energy that is local, ordinary, somewhat inward and close to home. Keep good boundaries against putting too much expansion on your plate, as this is not the month for it. Look to what needs doing in your own back yard. Fix or upgrade the things you already have rather than expanding into new territory. The influences are pulling the energy inward and some of you may feel restricted or confined by it. Beware of impatience and becoming agitated or antsy around the illusion of limitation. Think instead of this time as catching up to yourself through the process of maintenance in the areas that need it.

Things in your life that do not function are an energy leak. If you have a broken toaster that is waiting to be fixed, either fix it or get rid of it. We learn to live with things around us that do not function. They get stuffed into a closet or put into the garage. Part of maintaining balance in your life is to address these items that are not functioning or are no longer useful and to do something about them.  They create dead weight and take up valuable psychic space. It does not matter what you paid for something or who gave it to you. The price of having these things around holding energy is not worth it. Either fix them and put them back into service or give them to charity or to someone who can fix and use them. A good formula if this task feels overwhelming is to take one thing every day and either fix it, take action to fix it or decide to eliminate it. How many items of clothing do you have waiting to be mended or waiting for a button to be sewn on? Do it or get rid of it.  Look in your closets and junk drawers and basements, attics and garages and just pick one thing every day.

Then take one thing everyday in your physical environment that simply needs maintenance like cleaning the fridge or your oven, or weeding out a bookcase or changing the oil in your car, and do it or take action to do it (like calling the housecleaners or making an appointment with your mechanic). Then take one thing that could use an upgrade and take an action step towards that upgrade. This could be buying a higher quality food item or something inspirational such as flowers for the table, or something to support your health. It could also include refreshing the paint on a wall or replacing a ratty piece of furniture. All of this activity sends a message to the quantum field that you are taking Maintenance seriously and you will definitely be rewarded for it.

An equally important part of the Maintenance theme this month is to look at the aspects in your life that need more from you at this time. If you have neglected your health due to a busy work schedule, this would be the time to do something about that. Whatever it is that you require for more balance should be included in your daily routine and program this month. Whatever you need more of, whether it be rest, exercise, healthy diet, a hair cut, teeth cleaning, body work, etc., work it into your schedule this month and make it a priority. Many of you have a tendency to put yourselves last. This is a month where you need to put yourselves first on the list of things to maintain. Since the influences of December are consolidating the energy towards self and the home front, always think of what is best for you and resist the tendency to want to please others. There will always be someone who is disappointed in your choices. Don’t take it personally and avoid reacting to the projections of others. Beware of your energy leaks. Identify them, eliminate them and focus on re charging yourself.

Some of the less obvious and more intangible areas requiring maintenance are the areas of relationships, personal growth, spirituality and intentions. Regarding relationships, this is a good time to make note of what relationships need some attention and to do what is required. If you have not been spending enough time with your family, pets, employees or good friends, this would be the time to remedy that. If unimportant people are unreasonably demanding of your time and energy, you may have to set some boundaries in order to maintain a balance. Pay attention to old relationships that cycle back into your life with unfinished business or karmic history. Do what it takes to get things back into balance. Be honest with yourself and others regarding where your responsibility lies and where it doesn’t. You can’t fix it for someone else, only for yourself.

The area of personal growth and spirituality has to do with your relationship to self. Only you know where you are in this area and what it means to you. Maintenance may include professional emotional help, the support of putting into practice bits and pieces you have collected over the years in the area of personal growth, and perhaps some discernment of what you do and where you go from here. Most of all it is important to pay attention to your emotional and spiritual well being, to practice good spiritual and emotional hygiene, and to do whatever you can to stay connected to spirit and to follow your own intuition. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you are making any progress this month. This is not about feeling expansive and higher centered but rather about getting all your ducks in a row in preparation for what’s to come. All the work that is being done under the surface is creating a stronger and deeper foundation that will carry you through future times. And it does require attention, discipline and maintenance.

Your dreams, plans, intentions and desires also have to be maintained. If you have a practice of visualizing or affirming your intentions or setting goal or wish lists, this practice also needs maintenance and attention. Anything that becomes too much of a routine where you are no longer present with the process needs to be re evaluated. Try going over your practices in this area and re inventing them just slightly so they become more meaningful to you. Whenever you make a change, you are likely to be more present with the process until it becomes routine again. This is also a good month to re evaluate your current goals, intentions, dreams and plans to see if they are presently viable, appropriate or something you still really desire. Remember to make sure they are yours and not in consideration of someone else. You can never set goals and intentions for someone else, only for yourself.

The downside of this month is that you may feel overwhelmed with how far you have let things go in the area of maintenance. Don’t be hard on yourself. Take it one step at a time, do one thing at a time. Watch the tendency for procrastinating and make a little sign for yourself that says DO IT NOW. Watch self-deprecation as it wants to judge you for being so neglectful. It does not serve to wallow, complain or be depressed. These are energy leaks. Just do one thing at a time that does not feel overwhelming to you, like polishing a pair of shoes or doing your laundry. Remember that part of this practice of maintenance is symbolic therefore polishing a pair of shoes has an energetic ripple effect that will begin to form a pattern of momentum around other maintenance tasks. The other challenge this month could be a tendency to feel flat, bored, impatient, and like nothing significant is happening in your life despite the numerous activities of the day. You may feel like you are spinning your wheels especially if you are person somewhat addicted to the drama of high level activity. Relax, there is a lot happening in the mundane day to day and this is an important time to regroup, recharge, maintain and rebalance.

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