Brexit Bombshell & Opportunities for Gold and Silver

image BrexitOn Friday, Britain shocked the world when they voted to leave the European Union (EU).

Essentially, the shocking Brexit vote to exit the EU was a populist uprising against having a highly centralized authority control their economic future.  The British were tired of seeing their sovereignty eroded.  Their vote is seen as a statement that they want an end to the elite structures dominating their economic lives.

They voted for liberty–but not the type of liberty promised by power mega structures.

For the first time in nearly two generations, Britain is once again on its own.

They saw the results of big government and they said “No more.”

Britain is now the first to shed its ties to the EU.

It’s not just the British people who are uprising.  People around the world are increasingly growing resentful at how low interest rates benefit the elite at the expense of the average citizen, angry at how tax payer monies are being spent to fund wars and angry at the trend of GMO foods…

People can decide they’ve had enough of tyranny and makes changes happen.

It’s good for the people to be heard.

The long-term economic implications of the Brexit vote will take time to be known.  A devalued (cheaper) currency makes exports more viable.  One possibility is that a cheaper currency could help the British people rebuild their manufacturing sector.

The effect on the financial markets was more clear.

The pound sterling had its biggest one day drop in history.  And, the prices of gold and silver rose to record highs, shocking many investors!  The Brexit bombshell sent gold through the roof as capital flew to safety.

It’s an exciting time for investing in gold and silver.

How to invest in gold and silver?

With innovative technology, anyone can now easily invest in gold and silver online.  You can take advantage of a NEW way of saving that enables you to buy gold incrementally and redeem in gold–and silver too!

This video interview with Jim Willie on Brexit is the best video I found on the financial market implications of Brexit.

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More people around the world are waking up.  They’re taking action.  They’re voting to protect their freedom and create a future that’s not controlled by a select few in mega structures.