Bitcoin Outperformed Traditional Asset Classes In 2019

The latest report compiled by Binance Research gave more evidence to support this fact,Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed traditional asset classes in 2019.

BTC’s Year-to-Date [YTD] returns were compared to that of crude oil, tech stocks, United States’ real estate market and other commodities like global stocks and natural resources. Statistics showed that Bitcoin’s YTD was 53 percent, when compared to crude oil’s 33 percent and the 24 percent generated by tech stocks.  To read the full article published in May 2019 click here.


BTC Outperforms_YTD

Investment managers, such as CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Mark Yusko, say that bitcoin (BTC) should be in every investor’s portfolio because it has a very low correlation and is a great diversifying asset.

As I wrote in my earlier post Bitcoin 101- How To Get Started 2019, I recommend that people take some time to learn about the fundamentals of Bitcoin before investing.  I also suggest that if you decide to buy crypto, invest for the long-term —several years.

Personally, I am a long-term investor (HODLR).  I don’t focus on short-term price swings because I am going to hold my Bitcoin for at least a few years.  Volatile price movements don’t concern me because I believe Bitcoin will outperform every asset class over the long term!   It very well could be the best form of saving money that we have ever seen.

The emotional benefit of taking time to learn before you invest is that it will help you avoid stress and panic selling during volatile price swings because you will understand the big picture.  Bitcoin will continue to be volatile until it matures into its next phase of a unit of account.

The rule of thumb is to invest only what you can afford to lose.  That could be just 5% of your savings or more.

How to get started?

My earlier post Bitcoin 101- How To Get Started 2019, provides steps on how to get started buying Bitcoin (BTC).



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