August is likely to bring big changes in your life

The following is an excerpt from a monthly commentary by Jose Stevens, Ph.D and Lena Stevens that I wanted to share with you.  It reveals what opportunities you can take advantage of during the month that will help you in your personal life, relationships and in business. For the full commentary, refer to their website listed at the bottom of this commentary.

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The main theme for August is “The Big Picture”. This can be a very expansive month where the limited thinking of the mind can finally break free to be able to see life in a much larger context. It is time to resurface out of the deep dark hole, get your head out of the sand, put the mini me of the false personality in its place, and look around at the bigger picture.

The priest role of the year supports seeing beyond the narrow focus of the false personality and the emotional center supports an energetic fluidity necessary for these times. The need for freedom is highlighted this month as the spirit desires to break free of limiting thoughts and belief systems, oppressive environments and relationships. Deep acceptance will serve as the platform for moving onward. For example, a relationship you have been trying to make work through personal compromise and sacrifice that still is not working will have to be accepted as is and left behind. Some adjustment may be necessary, especially to old dreams, plans and goals. It is still important to keep a “don’t know mind” about what is ahead. However facing the future with a wide open mind set, an open heart and trusting in spirit will give you the confidence and knowing that whatever is showing up is the right thing.

Stubbornness and Martyrdom will be your biggest enemy as the need for security tries to hold you to your past and your old patterns. Beware of the “yes but” reactions to the inspiring new ideas of others. It is time to stop whining and complaining about what you do not have, what you have lost or how terrible your life is. And it is time to stop trying to fix and change what you can’t because it is out of your control and belongs to someone else. Your responsibility is to yourself and your own personal growth. If you cannot see the big picture because you are overly identified with the drama and suffering of those around you, your own ability to move forward is compromised. The responsible path is the proactive one where you make a choice not to remain small. Every time you open your mouth to complain and whine about something, catch yourself. Rephrase and reframe your reactions into gratitude for what you have, from insight to possessions, into enthusiasm and excitement for what you can create.

This month is likely to bring big changes in peoples lives. As choices are made or have been made for eliminating limitation and for moving towards expansion, look for a certain degree of chaos. If chaos enters your life, take time out to go into silence and space, to clear and re-boot yourself. This could be a daily practice or it could be a longer retreat if needed. In the “heat and pressure” of July’s influences, and as the result of the eclipses, there have been numerous assemblage point shifts (an assemblage point is the position of the bundle of patterns from which you create the hologram of your life). Some of you may have had evidence of this through a fall or accident or knock to some part of your body. Others of you may just feel that in the dreamtime something big happened. This means that your life has likely shifted onto a new path. The outcome will not be evident for some time as this is a slow process, however little things that are different will begin to show up. Take note of them and celebrate.

One way to honor and focus on the “big picture” is to acknowledge that change has already occurred on an energetic level. The assemblage point of the planet has already shifted. What is happening behind the scenes is something your mind cannot track. Give your mind something to focus on daily: taking out the garbage, cleaning your house, past due filing and other menial tasks. Allow your mind to organize your day but leave lots of room for spontaneity. Create time every day to be a little bit spaced out with your spirit, emotions and mind, expanding your awareness and reaching for the clouds.

This month is about pushing the boundaries and expanding beyond the comfort zone of the envelope of your security. When you feel your false personality rising up in fear or judgment, thank it for sharing and then ask yourself, “What is the big picture here? What is spirit showing me? How does spirit wish for me to act? What is my lesson in this? How am I participating in the big picture?”

There is an opportunity this month to feel part of something larger, to feel yourself as a member of the global community and to get a sense of power as a participant in creating the future.

Opportunities this month:

  • Heightened creativity and expanded awareness
  • Relaxed acceptance of present situations
  • Higher centered experience of limitless potential and possibility
  • Seeing beyond perceived limitations
  • Finding open doors and opportunities where none appeared before
  • A new comfort level with allowing things to be just the way they are

Challenges this month:

  • Being caught in the clutches of fear and the false personality
  • Reacting through Stubbornness and Martyrdom
  • Becoming so spaced out that you cannot be proactive about anything
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Attachment to old dreams, goals, desires and suffering
  • Resistance to allowing things to be the way they are

Personal Growth and Well-Being

Personal growth can take a leap this month. The challenge will be to eliminate the attachment to suffering. New practices can be put into place that will support a new alignment. This is a good month to change your personal practices, learn something new, try something new or just add to what you have that woks for you already. Your well-being will depend on how well you stay out of Stubbornness and Martyrdom.

The discipline of catching the whining and complaining and changing your words to those of gratitude and inspiration will be a big one. Remember that whatever you put energy into will gain power. You have the opportunity this month to feel better than you have ever felt; more at peace and more powerful as the creator of your own life.


Relationships can either flourish or bust apart. As the need for freedom asserts itself, any relationship that is limiting to another will need to be redefined or released. Spontaneous opportunities will arise for connecting with others and for building community in an expanded way. However, it is important not to judge a relationship by an individual incident or experience but rather by its potential in the bigger picture. Give everything a chance but if you keep running into a brick wall you may need to make a change. The challenge will be discernment regarding what is inappropriate and what is not, especially around the higher centered connections. Keep your eye on the consequences and be practical.

One of the other opportunities this month is for completing karmic relationships. Because of the assemblage point shift, many karmic threads are being broken and rewoven into new agreements. If you feel you have been on the treadmill of a karmic relationship, this may be a good month to revisit the agreement and complete or reweave it.

In terms of other relationship experiences, keep moving towards what feels good and right and supportive. Keep reminding yourself, if it does not feel good, it is not of spirit.

Physical Health and Well-Being

This month the physical challenges relate to the constriction and compression in the body that resists expansion. Any fear reaction will cause constriction in the body and will resist expansion. The best antidote is to work with your breathing, focusing on taking deeper and bigger breaths, breathing through the fear and anxiety. On the other hand this month you could get a handle on your physical health and experience better health than you have had in a long time. Because of the expansive influence of the bigger picture, there will also be those that choose to leave the planet at this time. We may see sudden deaths and very short illnesses. Many symptoms may be energetic. It is important not to define symptoms with standard definitions. Much of what is being experienced in the body is due to the raising of the frequency and the body’s attempt to keep up with the energetic change.

Climate, Weather and the Environment

The emotional center still rules the climate and weather of the times. The element of water is still very much at the helm. The big picture theme of the month allows for larger thinking in terms of global warming, water pollution and other environmental concerns. The expansiveness of the times fuels emotions as well as community participation. Look for new community groups forming to support environmental endeavors. The issue of water with melting ice and the rising of the ocean may come to awareness if not this month then in the very near future. On the home front, pay attention to the element of water. Drink enough and drink good water with gratitude. Conserve when possible. Watch for water retention and bloating or the feeling of dehydration. Support the kidneys as they are related to water balance as well as fear.

Business, Finance and Partnerships

Business endeavors and projects are likely to go through an expansion this month. It is very important to keep the bigger picture in mind when making decisions. The time for a quick fix is over. Looking ahead and planning ahead, starting the seeds and being willing to allow them to grow at their own pace will provide a stronger foundation for success than the quick impatient fix. Good things come to those who are willing to wait. On the other hand, there may be opportunities that spontaneously come your way, projects and people that drop into your lap, situations that seem too good to be true. These are also very real, and with the expansive quality of the time anything can happen, especially if you are willing to think outside the box and take a risk. Make sure it is a practical risk and you are not putting all your eggs into one basket. Creativity is high this month and magic can be very real.

Global Issues, Politics and the Economy

This is an area that will definitely benefit from the big picture theme. Look for alliances and practical solutions that keep the larger global picture in mind. There is a newfound awareness that individuals, communities and even countries cannot go about it alone. Everything is interdependent on everything else and part of the understanding of the larger picture is the acceptance of this concept. We are truly moving away from the conflict-oriented model of competition and towards a more cooperative model of global citizenship. This will take some time to manifest on a large scale but the work always begins at home. Whatever you can do in your own life to move away from conflict and competition and towards cooperation and alliance will have a ripple effect. This will be your contribution.

The economy will continue to re-invent itself. It will never go back to the way it was as that is an old model. As one structure falls apart, another one more in harmony with the changing times will rise up to take its place. One of the many lessons for western society is to review and re-define consumption, necessity and excess. Supply and demand will eventually find a new and healthier balance.

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