August 2010 Forecast–Time of Stability-Instability

The main theme for August is Stability-Instability

In this month’s forecast, Lena Stevens, author and co-founder
of an international school and consulting firm dedicated to
the study and application of shamanism and wisdom, reveals
influences and opportunities to take advantage of.

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Below is an excerpt from the August Forecast:

Think of a closet or a junk drawer that gets so stuffed with
things you don’t even know what you have. And then a shelf
breaks and you are forced to deal with it. You may decide to
build a different shelving system and you might not put
things back the same way. In fact it is a great opportunity
to go through and get rid of what you thought you needed but
never use what’s broken or outdated.

We are all like closets or junk drawers, going from being put
together and organized and then to being disorganized and
overstuffed due to our attachments. Sometimes it takes an
outside event to catalyze the change.

In some ways this month is a continuation of last month’s
theme of crisis-opportunity but with more emphasis on
managing how things fall apart or are brought back together.

The system can only be in chaos and instability for so long.
Then it begins to organize the pieces into a new
configuration. The universe does not tolerate a vacuum or
void for too long either. It will fill a void and vacuum
with whatever is most attracted to it. It’s up to you to
provide through your intentions the coherent pattern that
will attract the new stable form…


This is a great opportunity for tremendous change. The
challenge is to let go of your story. All the ways you had
of identifying yourself in relation to everything and
everyone else needs to dissolve. Some of you are already in
this process, like it or not. As in death, there is
tremendous freedom in letting go.

Make an inventory of all the ways you have of identifying
yourself in relation to your health issues, career and
accomplishments, what you know or do not know, the people
you are with or not with, your community and your perceptions
of your place in it, what you have done or not done in your
past, your “claim to fame”, what you will or will not do in
your future, what has been done to you and what you have
done to others, all your limitations, skills and talents etc.

Understand that none of this is really you. It is only the
illusion you have chosen to create for a time. Illusions are
part of the stable structure that enables the game of life
so in this way they are important. Where they stop being
useful and begin to be harmful is in the power given to them
and the belief in them as reality. A good mantra for this month
around issues that have a vice-grip hold on you is to say
“this is not real and you have no power over me”.


Relationships will go through ups and downs this month as
they have last month. We predict many break ups and
reconfigurations as once stable partners adjust to each
others’ shedding of old skin that is too tight. It is
generally an expansive time for relationships and an
opportunity to reconnect old contracts in new ways and
connect with new agreements for existing tasks. The energy
is moving very rapidly so these dissolutions or connections
can be shockingly quick and efficient. Staying neutral
around your own reactions as well as around the reactions of
others will be a key to how you navigate.