America’s Renowed Tracker Speaks On Awareness In Free Live Stream—Perceiving Beyond What We Believe Is Reality

On  September 13th at 6:00 PM EST (USA), you can be part of a
special free live-stream class on Awareness given by Tom Brown Jr.

Tom is America’s most renowned tracker and wilderness survival
expert.  When Tom was only seven, Stalking Wolf (aka Grandfather),
an Apache elder, shaman and scout, began teaching Tom the skills of
tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness.


Awareness enables us to perceive beyond the façade, to perceive
beyond what we believe is reality.

Awareness empowers us at every level.  It helps us on the physical
plane to heal our personal wounds, achieve business success and to
protect ourselves from danger, for example.  On a grander level, it
is the doorway into the spirit world.

The Greater Your Awareness, the Greater Your Power

Awareness is extending your mental connectivity to the universe. 
How much of the universe are you taking in?  The reality you are
experiencing is determined by your awareness and focus.

An ant is aware of only a fraction of the universe.  It perceives a
universe that consists of a little piece of grass, for example. 
A cat is aware of the ant, the piece of grass but can’t perceive the
airplanes in the sky.  A person’s awareness encompasses the ant,
the cat, the airplanes and a little more of the world. On and on
it goes.

To perceive the bigger picture requires heightened awareness.

Our attention can easily be diverted to the economy,
financial markets, politics, world governments and crime.
While these short-term problems are important, they can serve to
distract us from the big picture….  What is our purpose in life? 
Where are we headed—-individually and as a planet?

Ultimate awareness is perceiving what exists beyond the physical

Shamans have greater awareness than the average individual.  They
can perceive beyond this physical realm and into the spirit world. 
They are not only aware of the spirit world but fully interact with
it.  Bypassing the outer, material world, they journey into the
innermost world of the spirit in order to find answers to pressing
questions, perceive the probable future, and achieve profound

Awareness is the Doorway to Other Realities

The greater our awareness, the greater power we have.  This has
implications not just for accessing the spirit world but for
everyday life.

We have the ability to ask questions, gain profound insights, make
changes in our life and progress.  When therapy works, it works by
increasing a person’s awareness of his thoughts and behavior
patterns.  When we avoid a dangerous situation, we have heightened
awareness of our environment.

I know of a renowned business consultant, by the name of Jay
Abraham, who is extremely successful teaching people how to achieve
business success and wealth due to his keen business awareness. 
His uncanny ability to see hidden assets, overlooked opportunities
and undervalued possibilities is what sets him apart from the
average business man.  You can say that by helping people achieve
their business goals, he also helps people experience a different

Having awareness of the opportunities and possibilities that exist
—-often right under our noses—can absolutely change our lives for
the better in every way.

Of course, there are many levels of realities.

If heightened enough, awareness becomes the doorway into the
spirit world.

We can choose to live like the ant, aware of only a tiny part of
the world, or we can choose to break past our boundaries to perceive
the unknown.

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The format for this stream will be an hour of lecture, with a couple
of breaks followed by an hour of Q&A. There have been many phone
calls and e-mails asking if this lecture will be available at a
later date. Yes we do plan to offer the live streams on demand in
the future; however they may be in a different format. At this time
we do not know when they will be offered.

This broadcast is FREE, has no prerequisites and will take place on

September 13th at 6:00 PM EST (USA) and will go until 8pm EST.

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Recommended readings on awareness:  All of Tom Brown’s books teach
various levels of awareness.  A great introductory book is Awakening Spirits.

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