A story about self-discovery

In my book The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More ! I start with a story to help the reader remember how powerful he really is.  We all have the Warrior Spirit within us.  It is a force that guides us and helps us in infinite ways when we open our heart and spirit to it.  Here’s the story:

The Unavoidable Meeting

A very distressed man seeks the help of a wise elder.

The somber man had tried everything yet nothing had alleviated his sorrow.  His only hope now, he thought, was to get help from a powerful wise sage.  He had heard amazing stories about this old sage—about his incredible powers to read minds, see into the future and become invisible.  It was said that the old man was in his eighties but had the vitality and strength of a man of twenty.

There was a part of him that was skeptical about the sage’s rumored magical powers, but deep down inside he wanted to believe in miracles.  The distraught man knew that he needed nothing short of a miracle to help him turn his life around.  He was willing to go along with whatever the old one asked of him.  His imagination went wild as he thought about what the sage might do.

He drove hours to meet the sage at his home in the desert.  As the distressed man approached the sage’s house, he walked dragging his feet and looked down on the ground.  Before he had a chance to knock on the door, the sage came out of his home and invited him for a walk in the desert.  As they walked towards the east in the warm desert, the sad man could hardly contain himself.  He eagerly began telling the sage his sorrowful story.

“I lost my life savings in the stock market meltdown, I was fired soon after my investments collapsed, and, to make matters worse, I am single and lonely,” said the distressed man.  The sage replied, “I see.  So what do you think is the problem?”  The distressed man, feeling rather annoyed, replied, “What do you mean?  I just told you my problem.”  The sage shook his head, as if in disbelief and said, “This is the greatest opportunity you’ve ever had to unravel the secrets of personal power.  The trick is in what you continually choose.  You can either make yourself miserable or make yourself happy.  The amount of work is the same.”  The distressed man looked confused and replied, “But how do I know what to choose?”

The sage suddenly stopped walking and looked at him straight in the eyes.  As he looked into the sage’s eyes, he felt like he was looking into an infinite tunnel.  He heard the sage say “Listen to the faint voice within.  It’s always there to guide you.”  As the sage turned away from him, he waved good bye and continued to walk deeper into the desert.  He invited the distressed man to come back some day to tell him what he had learned from his choices.